Where does one begin the search for superfoods such as raw protein and raw maca powder that will help provide antioxidants to combat the bad effects of today’s unhealthy lifestyles?

What ingredients are in raw protein powder and raw maca powder?

Raw protein is a plant-based powder. It is a complete source of 18 grams of protein. Maca powder (lepidium meyenii) comes from the Andes (South America). It has been reported that maca powder can enhance strength and stamina and libido. There have been studies showing evidence that it may alleviate sexual dysfunction. Maca powder has also been proven to increase energy, raise mood levels, and decrease anxiety.

What benefits can one expect by utilizing a raw protein diet or raw protein powder?

Protein is essential for the human body. Protein maintains and replaces body tissue for living cells. A diet of raw protein or one that includes raw protein powder can assist one’s body to digest and absorb nutrients. Cooking tends to denature enzymes, although for those individuals who must “warm” their food intake, if the temperature stays below 104 to 118 degrees, most enzyme benefits can be preserved.

Is eating raw protein or using raw protein powder considered body detoxification?

Certainly eating healthy foods such as raw nuts and seeds, soy products, leafy green vegetables, raw cacao and chia seeds, seaweed and whole grains can detoxify the human system by replacing the usual high fat and saturated fat diet of many individuals with healthier choices. The health benefits of a body that has been detoxified cannot go unnoted.

Where does a consumer go to purchase special products such as raw protein powder or raw maca powder?

The Internet is a superb source for finding special products such as maca powder in specialty superfood stores. A health-conscious individual can seek out these healthy products to help maintain protein levels. This ensures that their body is assisted in its daily process of replacing body tissue.

What type of foods should be included in a healthy raw diet?

The list is exhaustive as to what foods can be added. Foods such as nuts and seeds, and plenty of green leafy vegetables per day have been touted as important. Chia seeds, raw cacao, dried fruits and nuts, olives, coconut products, mushrooms and whole grains are also beneficial in the diet.

Quality raw food stores will supply items such as raw maca powder. Consumers searching internet stores specializing in raw foods should seek a company that offers a variety of excellent raw food products, but also a company which guarantees excellent service to its valued customers.