News Where to find cheap area rugs 5x8 in size

Where to find cheap area rugs 5×8 in size


You have many options when it comes to find cheap area rugs 5×8 in size. The availability of this large sized carpet can be found in many locations. But the problem is that most are expensive and when you do find one that is a good deal it is an thin and not comfy, or has an off-the-wall color or patterned design that looks good in a barn, not under dining room tables or under sofas. Whether you are looking for contemporary, modern, traditional, oriental, or Persian, I want to list some options for you to find cheap large area rugs at bargain prices.

Factory direct rugs: There are many warehouse factory direct online stores, such as, selling 5×8 rugs, too. My favorite place to look is Amazon, though.

Amazon: Amazon has a wide variety of products and area rugs are one of them. The beauty of this site is that you can read reviews about the product before buying it. The following brands, who make area rugs that are 5×8 and cheap, are available on Amazon.

Generations Brand modern rugs: Generations Brand offers contemporary 5×8 rugs under 100 dollars, which is inexpensive for a rug that is cushy and stylish. Sure, you will want to use a rug pad under this, especially if you have hardwood flooring — otherwise the rug will slip and slide. But for under 125 dollars with the rug and pad you can have a beautiful, stylish, yet durable, rug.

Traditional Isfahan Persian area rugs: Area rugs under 50 dollars can be a challenge to find, but Traditional Isfahan brand Persian area rugs fit the bill. These are a little thin but are perfect for areas with a lot of traffic in your house. They are good, as well, for hardwood floors and for pets. But for an area rug under 50 dollars, you can’t find a better deal, especially if your current house is temporary.

But you don’t have to shop Amazon. Local merchants may also have options available for large area rugs that are inexpensive.

Lowes: Lowes has an entire section dedicated to returns. Often, these returns come from customers who get a rug home and realize that the color scheme or design just does not match their home decor. Although this did not result in a bargain for them, it does result in a good deal for you: Lowes will discount it, selling it as a cheap large area rug.

Carpet stores: You may be able to get decent piece of carpet from your local carpet store. They have the ability to cut the carpet and seal it so the ends don’t fray. They may have left-over carpet that could be used to make an area rug. The rug itself may only be one color, without any fancy design, but the beauty of this is the bargain price. The left-over piece to them will be scrap, but to you it will be a useful piece of home decor. This is a good option if you have a tiled room where your pet sleeps. The size may not be equivalent to a 5×8 area rug — it may be larger or smaller depending on what’s available.

These are a few options to get cheap area rugs 5×8 in size.

Where to find cheap area rugs 5×8 in size
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