Where to find cheap furniture

The furnishings are often based on a decoration, and also generally the most expensive element. If you need to buy furniture for a new home or want to redecorate, simple pieces can end up costing your entire budget, leaving little for other needs such as accessories, textiles and painting.

Instead of buying your furniture from local decor and furniture, I suggest other ideas that will help you save, sometimes up to hundreds of dollars on furniture. These options will surely take more of your time, but you’ll be happy that you leave enough budget for that picture you want to buy for the room.

Online Stores

The internet can help you compare different prices for the same product. Just put the name of the product you want to buy in a search engine and you will see the prices that different stores offer. Please note that shipping costs can be high if you want to buy a piece of heavy furniture, which can make the price ends up being more expensive. Therefore, search online stores that offer free shipping. A negative of buying online is that you can not see the product, so be sure to read the measurements and information on the type of material used to prevent surprises when you receive your furniture.

Garage Sales

In spring and summer it is common garage shops in almost every community, take advantage of these sales. You may have to look pretty to find the furniture you need, but you’ll find it for much less money. Make sure to leave early in the morning as best goes fast. Also keep cash with you and see willing to negotiate prices.

Newspaper ads

Although you can still find advertisements in the Sunday classifieds, nowadays almost all newspapers have a classified section on their websites. Depends where you live, these classifieds can be quite popular, with thousands of new and used products at a reduced price. Visit the website of your local newspaper and look if you have a classified section, but goes on Craigslist, a popular classified website per city.

Thrift Shops

At thrift stores you can find everything from antique furniture to modern ones. Most of these units need some renovation, but also find a very low price. Visit shops where people donate their old furniture as well as pawn shops to find the best deals. Many times in these shops you can find treasures that you can not get anywhere else.

Flea Markets

Many cities have weekly flea markets. Here you can find all kinds of products, from vegetables to handicrafts and furniture. Visit these markets regularly, you may not find the furniture you need, but if a decoracione perfect for your room.


All great decor and furniture stores generally have an “Outlet”, which can be simply a back section of the store or in a large separate building. In these stores sell furniture at a reduced price, either because they are from a previous season, were used as floor samples or have a small defect. Be sure to ask exactly why the reduced price before buying, and requests an extra discount if you think the price is high.

Design centers

The design centers are generally open only to professional decorators or designers, but many of these have monthly sales or end of season open to the public. In these sales you can find designer pieces, which are usually expensive, for a reduced price, as they generally are floor samples.


Auctions are a good opportunity to find unique antique furniture. Check the classifieds in your city to know when and where will be next. Be sure to check the furniture a few days before the auction starts defects.