Where To Find Clothes Made In The USA On Sale

Wearing clothes made in the USA isn’t quite as hard as you thought. Shopping in a retail store and online is two different scenarios. Many of the brick and mortar stores have to keep their spaces stocked with lots of clothes in order to make a profit. Hence, many clothes from other countries abound.

When you are shopping online, it seems that it’s much easier to find stores that sell USA made. Many small business owners that don’t want to open a large store and yet have a great product can be found on the internet Like Wickers, which makes a variety of underwear, boxers, socks and more.

Let’s take a look at nonetz.com, maker’s of boys swimwear. The owners are three sisters who came up with a brilliant idea to make a bathing suit for boys without that net material that makes kids sore and miserable and chafed in the groin area. Presenting their company online provides them with the means to put out a great product and get the word out that there is a way to buy swimwear made in America.

Upscale blue jeans like Bullet Blues can also be found online. The owner, who is a staunch believer in buying made in USA has brought us fabulous fitting blue jeans that are made to last.

Interested in keeping it union made? Try shopping at www.theunionshop.com where they sell union t shirts, work wear, socks and more. Another great shop is theunionshop.org where they have over 1800 clothing options to choose from. Or, here’s a cool shop that sells union made, it’s called Justiceclothing.com. If you like to make a statement, this company is for you!

I could go on and on about clothes made in the USA and where to find the online sources. It does get frustrating when you are out shopping and everything seems to be outsourced, but if you check online, the choices are many. Not only that, most of the online retailers will sell gift certificates, so if you are afraid of purchasing items that won’t fit, no fear there, you can get your loved one a gift certificate so they can buy what they like.

This holiday, buy clothes made in the USA and keep Americans working. If you are determined to buy US made, and want to expand your buying power to other areas of your life, don’t forget that there are really lots of toys made in the USA along with other products too.