Where to Find Free Health Care or Low-Cost Health Insurance in Tennessee: Statewide Healthcare Resources

If you have recently lost your insurance and are wondering how you will be able to afford health care, you may be considering your affordable healthcare options.

Obamacare is offering some affordable healthcare options, but many people either don’t want to be on the government program for a variety of reasons or are falling through the cracks.

Here are five tips on where you can find free health care or low-cost health insurance in Tennessee without using Obamacare.

Health & Dental Resources

  1. TennCare – TennCare is a government-operated medical assistance program for people who are eligible for Medicaid. TennCare is also designed for children who do not have health insurance. The TennCare Hotline is: 1-866-311-4287
  2. Department of Health – The Tennessee Department of Health provides public health programs and health resources for residents of Tennessee including local health departments and various health hotlines.
  3. Health Assist Tennessee – Health Assist Tennessee provides Tennesseans a statewide, toll-free Healthline to help them overcome barriers to health care. Call 1-800-269-4038.
  4. Health Resources & Services Administration – Health Resources & Services Administration helps people find primary care health centers in most cities as well as many rural areas that are federally-funded for people who have no health insurance. Services are provided to patients based upon their ability to pay.
  5. Interfaith Dental Clinic – If you need dental care and are low-income, employed full time in Davidson or Rutherford County, this nondenominational organization may be able to help. Call 615-329-4790.

If you don’t want Obamacare or are falling through the cracks of the new healthcare exchanges, these five programs will help you find free healthcare, low-cost health coverage, or other statewide health care resources in Tennessee. However, Obamacare may be causing changes to some of these existing programs so always call before making a trip to any local or government agency listed here.

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