Where To Find Halloween Candy in Bulk

It’s getting closer to trick or treat time and you live in a neighborhood that gets quite a few kiddies, but where do you find Halloween candy in bulk when the store prices are so high you would need to take a loan out at the local bank just to make the little ones happy? You could bake cookies but who has time for that? You could make some cupcakes and even rice krispy treats, but is it really more affordable to do so?

If you are an online junkie like me and love to shop quick and easy and find the true bargains, you may want to get on over to Amazon.com because they always have candy in bulk. At first I was a bit skeptical, thinking that I could go to Walmart or even one of the big stores like Costco and buy it in bulk much cheaper. I found out that is not necessarily true.

Buying Halloween candy online makes more sense if:

  • You don’t have time or the energy to go out and check every store within a 50 mile radius for bulk candy.
  • You don’t have a membership at Costco or any other of the membership stores and you don’t know anyone else that does or don’t want to bug them into taking you along to shop and use their membership card.
  • You forgot to go when the specials were on at the discount store!
  • Halloween is next week and the store shelves are bare!
  • You don’t want to turn out the lights and hide for 3 hours while trick or treat night is going on in the neighborhood because you forgot to buy!

If you want to hand out chocolates, you can find great bargains like the one below on one of my favorite sites, Amazon. With 150 pieces of candy, perhaps you will only need one bag!

If you absolutely don’t want to hand out chocolate, there is other Halloween candy in bulk that you can buy like Jolly Ranchers:

They come in a big box filled with about 150 packs. One of the things I love about Amazon is that on certain items if you spend $25 you may be eligible for free shipping. That’s great for buying Halloween candy in bulk or any other holiday item that you may need.