Where to Find How To Garden Bench Ideas

If you want to find how to garden bench ideas, there are a few great places that you need to look. Here are some of the best ways to find some inspiration that will help you build a garden bench just right for your space.

Woodworking Magazines

A great place to start is by looking at woodworking magazines at your local store. These magazines typically feature a handful of detailed plans and may include a garden bench plan or similar plan that can get your brain thinking.

Among the most beneficial things that you will get from a magazine include how to select wood for a garden bench, how to join wood when building a garden bench, and different ways to finish the wood.

The other great thing about magazines is that you tend to get great pictures and measurements that will help you to build the plans or modify them to fit your space.

Online How To Garden Bench Plans

The internet is full of DIY garden bench ideas and websites devoted to offering free or inexpensive plans that can be downloaded immediately to your computer.

The best part about searching for plans online is that if you find what you are looking for you can get started right now without leaving home, unless of course you need to pick up some wood first. The frustrating thing can be a search that does not turn up the type of bench that inspires you. Also, the plans may not be of the detailed quality that you were hoping for.

Still, if you do find just the right garden bench style in a complete plan, the internet may be the solution.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Perhaps the best way to get ideas for a garden bench is to keep your eyes open as you go about your day. You will see benches everywhere including on television, at a park, a school, or a neighbor’s house. When you do, take note of what you see and design your own bench plan.

One of the best things you can do is to take a picture of the bench that has caught your eye. Don’t forget to take pictures of the ends and back to capture how the wood was joined. It will make your job of reproducing the bench much easier and give you ideas for your own modifications.

If you even spot a bench that is perfectly functional and constructed simply while out and about, a few nice snapshots is all you need to head back home and build it yourself. Not only is this fun, it’s free.

Whether you get a plan from a magazine, the internet, or from inspiration while going about your daily business, these are some of the best places to get how to garden bench ideas so you can get building.