Where to Find Printable Enfamil Coupons

Your newborn needs its nutrition to grow into a healthy, strong toddler, but formula is expensive, which is why a good set of printable Enfamil coupons can be handy. This is especially true if your infant is fussy and gets an upset tummy when using other brands of formula.

As a parent, you want to make sure your baby gets the best and you don’t want to see your youngster in discomfort. This means you’ll get the little tyke what is desired, despite the cost.

You’ll soon realize that you are spending a lot of your paycheck on baby formula, you’ll quickly see the value of getting formula at a discounted price when shopping.

Locations for printable Enfamil coupons

The first place to look is on Enfamil’s website. They offer product samples if you sign up for their online offers newsletter.
Rather than getting a discount, you’re getting free baby formula, which is even better yet!

But this won’t last forever. You’ll need to find other sources of printable Enfamil coupons. Websites such as Coupon Mountain or Retail Me Not offer deals daily.

Your local grocery store may be another source of coupons.

If you show up Monday morning at the store, the manager may have leftover papers from Sunday, which will have adverts in them.

You may be able to get a couple extra copies of the adverts for next to nothing.

Another option is eBay. Coupon collectors know the value in a $5 off coupon. This can be sold on eBay for a little extra money, and you may be able to get the winning bid.

If, for instance, you win a bid for a $5 off printable Huggies Wipes coupons for 50 cents, you’ll still save $4.50 on your next purchase.

The amount of savings is still good.

How much can I save with printable Enfamil coupons?

Although clipping these coupons may seem like a hassle, the amount of savings can be worth it, though.

A 36 ounce canister of powder milk formula can cost about $35, which is about $1,820 after a year, if your newborn uses 1 canister a week. If you can find printable Enfamil coupons each week and can save, say, $1.50 off every purchase, the savings is $78 a year.

This kind of money will buy the parents a nice meal at a restaurant!

Using printable Enfamil coupons is really worth the time and effort it takes to find them when you can see these kind of savings.