Where to Get Money for Your Old Car

If you are wondering where to get money for your old car so that you can turn your old car into cash instead of trying to sell it yourself, you have a few good options that are worth a look. Even a high mileage vehicle that is at the end of its useful life can be turned into money when it is time to put the car to rest.

Trade An Old Car

If you look around you might just find that you can trade your old car and save some cash on your next purchase. If your car is very old you shouldn’t expect much, but getting rid of your unneeded car is a relief, especially if it is in disrepair, so any money that you get for it is a bonus. Make sure you compare at more than one dealer, and don’t forget to call a smaller used car lot as well. If there is life left in the car, they may be willing to put it on the lot where a dealer would not.

Donate Your Old Car

If your car has little value for trade, turning it into a donation makes a lot of sense. You will get a tax break which becomes cash in your pocket when you file your return, and a charitable organization gets to turn the car into cash to fund their operation. Donating a car that is no longer useful is a win-win for both parties. Just do a search for charities in your area that facilitate the process. In many cases they will pick it up from you too.

Recycle The Car

You recycle lots of other things when you don’t want them any more and your car is no different. Even a car that does not run is valuable for the scrap metal and parts that it is made of. You can contact a local junkyard or your city sanitation department to begin your search. You may be surprised a what your heap of metal is worth.

Sell Parts

This one is a bit harder since you would still end up with the frame sitting at your home but there may be parts in your car that separately are worth more than the car as a whole. If you have the will and the time, search for buyers looking for parts or put them up for sale. This is best done if you know how you are going to get rid of the remainder when the parts are gone. If you are not mechanically inclined, it’s best to just send it to the junkyard where they may do the same thing.

If you have an old car and you need to dispose of it, consider one of these options. If you do your research you will figure out where to get money for your old car so that you can get the most out of it.