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Where to go for the Best LCD TV Deals – Best Prices

Buying a LCD tv is a big task and the best place to shop around is amazon. Places like Best Buy or Target offer good deals on new tv’s but you can only see the prices that are offered at that particular store. When you shop online, you can see varying prices on a specific model, brand, or size at different locations. You can also sift your search based on different aspects and compare models. In store, you have to rely on workers that may not know what they are talking about and a limited selection; online there are user reviews, can compare specifications, and you never have to worry about running out of something in one place, because Amazon shows you many different stores to get it from! -Gainesville

Buying an LCD TV and getting the most for your money can be done easily at Sam’s Club. First I visited the local Best Buy, but found little help in making a selection. Then I moved over to Sam’s Club to look at what they had to offer. After spending some time browsing the selection of televisions I chose to stay in the 40′-50′ range. There is a good selection of 40′-50′ televisions to choose from. I went back and forth between a 40′ Sony BRAVIA and a 42′ Vizio. I finally decided on the Sony because at $282, in store, it fell well under my $500 budget. – Kingsport

Buying an LCD TV requires much thought and research beforehand. As it is a major purchase, I like to know that what I am buying is a quality product, so that I am not disappointed. That is why I always start by reading reviews on cnet.com, and then will often either search the web for the best price on my chosen product, or, if I choose to go to a store, it will usually be because of a sale or deal. I generally find that a wholesale place like Costco or BJs has the best prices. To me, The TV should be somewhere in the 32-45 inch range. Nothing too huge is necessary, and I prefer to spend under $1000 for a television. – Lynn MA

Buying an LCD TV is a tricky thing, there are many to choose from and plenty available to cater for any home. i personally like to research as much as possible before i make a purchase, i read reviews on websites like ‘which.com and Amazon to see other peoples opinions on the tv. i generally go for higher ticket value tvs like Sony Panasonic LG and Samsung. i have purchased a 50 inch LG for my front room that cost around 1000 pounds i went with this because of the positive reviews and the cost to performance of the model. i made the purchase from currys inshop because i wanted to see the tv in person and watch a demonatration so i could be 100% happy with my choice. – Bargoed, GBR

Seems like now in days the must have thing to have in your living room is a tv, growing up we only had 1 tv but now there is almost a tv in every room! When it comes to tv’s i love shopping at best buy, they have a great variety to choose from and the people there help you choose if you’re not knowledgeable about tv’s in which i am. When i go to choose a tv there, which is about once every 2 years i start of with the size of tv, this year i bought a 50 inch last year 42, then i compare the size of the tv’s and the quality of the television (brand) i always exclusively choose sony viera, because their tv’s look amazing, so that’s what i bought a 50 inch sony viera and the tv that belongs in my living room!! – Downey, CA

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