Which Are The Best Camera Brands To Buy?

There are many digital cameras available in the market. To add up your confusion, there are many off brand cameras available in the market at a cheaper price. Some producers market their product as Generic brand. You will get a good digital camera, if you know and distinguish between the features available in popular brands. The best camera brand varies according to its latest features and popularity in the market. If you see the market trend a branded item can become less popular after few years. Certain popular brands are taken over by other manufactures. Some popular brands are no longer available in the market. For example best digital camera producers such as Minolta, Konica, Gateway and Acer have stopped their digital imaging products. Wish to know, which are the Best Camera Brands to Buy? You will find here the best. We will also discuss about the latest features available in popular branded cameras.


Canon is one of the best camera brands to buy. This is because they have large number of camera collections. The collections includes basic compact digital camera to high end DSLR cameras. Canon is always updating their products with latest features. One of the main advantages of buying branded item is their service centre. There are many authorized Canon service centers available all over the country. Above all, Cannon Powershot digital camera has won awards like best product 2012-2013, PC magazine Reader’s choice, best expert compact camera etc. Canon introduced their lens EOS (Electro-Optical System) in 1987. If you are person who use only auto modes, you can go for Canon’s compact camera that delivers high quality photos. Canon PowerShot A2300 takes great pictures and one of the top selling cameras. Canon has featured this camera with simple operation; yet effective and stylish. Canon PowerShot A2300 includes latest features like Smart Auto, special scene modes and shooting modes. If you are a photo enthusiast and looking to buy a high end DSLR camera, you can choose Canon EOS 5D Mark III. The camera has 61-Point High Density Reticular AF and extended ISO range of 100-25600. Canon EOS 7D Mark III is also available in the market. This is suitable for professional use. Canon also manufactures camcorders.


Nikon has become popular when they launched their famous COOLPIX point and shoot cameras. They have wide ranges of camera collections. Professionals or photography learners, everyone can find perfect camera in Nikon. Nikon Corporation develops their own camera lenses called Nikkor lens. Apart from compact digital cameras, Nikon manufactures Digital SLR Cameras, Film cameras etc. You will also get photography accessories such as camera lenses, speed light flashes from Nikon. Nikon has introduced a latest COOLPIX version S01. This is the smallest COOLPIX ever. Another new release from Nikon is COOLPIX S800c. It has built in WIFI for easy photo sharing. It also has built in GPS for tagging your photos and videos. The display is touch screen enabled. For professionals, Nikon’s Digital SLR camera D600 is the newest one. It is designed to deliver cinema quality HD video.


Panasonic is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic products. Panasonic is a well-known brand in cameras, TV, audio system and other electronic goods. They market their Digital cameras as LUMIX. Lumix cameras ranges from pocket point and shoot models to digital SLR. Most of Panasonic Lumix digital cameras use Leica lenses. This lens is designed by Leica’s German optical engineers. Leica has their own brand of digital camera in other parts of the world. Lumix DMC G5 is Panasonic newest arrival. It has a compact metal body and it has interchangeable lens options. In Lumix G5, Panasonic has improved the LCD display resolution; it has touch control interface as well. This model has an option to take photos and videos simultaneously. Lumix FZ200 is a popular point and shoot model. It is easy to use, very convenient and durable. The camera has remarkable zooming options. Lumix FZ200 has lot of special modes that you find only in an expensive camera.


Olympus initially was into microscope and thermometer business. They introduced their first camera in the year 1936. The digital cameras from Olympus are released in C, D and FE series. Stylus compact digital cameras are also from Olympus. In the earlier stage, Olympus used xD-Picture Card, their proprietary storage media. It was less popular. Now, Olympus digital camera uses more common format such as SD and compact flash cards. Olympus newest release in digital camera is XZ-2. This is a point shoot camera. The camera uses iZuiko lens and a large backside illuminated CMOS sensor. It has 11 air filters and five effects. It features 4xwide angle optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. The camera also features tilt and touch LCD screen. Olympus XZ-2 is designed with hybrid control ring feature. Olympus is the first brand to use this feature. This ring helps to assign functions and user preferences for advanced photographers.


Sony is the one who released Japan’s first magnetic tape recorder in the year 1950. They were the first to release Transistor TV. Sony is the one to release world’s first CD player. In Digital Cameras, Sony developed a new technique called Translucent Mirror Technology. Sony received many awards for this new innovation. Sony Cyber shot is one of the top selling compact digital cameras. Sony cyber shot DSC-RX100 has many advanced features; yet it is sleek and stylish model. Sony cyber shot cameras are famous for its zoom feature. The camera delivers pictures with great quality even with its fullest zoom. Sony cyber shot DSC-RX100 is good for sweep panorama shots. The camera uses Carl Zeiss lens and advanced Exmor CMOS sensor. Sony Bionz processor has fastest processing capability and it is responsible for noiseless action. Sony cyber shot DSC-RX100 has Sony’s new technique called “WhiteMagic”. This technology uses white pixels in addition to RGB pixels to boost the clarity of the pictures. If the environment light is bright or dim, Sony cyber shot DSC-RX100 delivers picture with great quality.

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