Which are the best pigeon control devices?

Pigeon problem is a common problem. Increasingly large number of businesses and individual property owners face pigeon problem throughout the world. Since pigeon infestation poses a host of problems, it becomes essential to control them. There is a huge range of pigeon control devices available in the market to suit varied needs and applications. Check out some of the most popular devices to deal with the pigeon problem at your home or warehouse or business premise.

Pigeon spikes-Pigeon spikes are ideal for preventing pigeons from roosting and nesting on ledges, rafters, beams, and gutters. They can be attached with adhesives or clamps. You can buy metal spikes or plastic pigeon spikes to deter birds from landing and roosting on flat surfaces. Bird spikes do not cost much and they are long lasting too. The only drawback with pigeon spikes is that they do not look attractive and often spoil the aesthetic value of one’s property.

Bird nets-made out of stainless steel mesh, bird netting provides a good physical barrier against pest birds. Bird netting is ideal for large openings and airplane hangers and exclusion.
Bird shock trays-by providing a mild, harmless shock, the bird shock trays deter birds from nesting and roosting on the area where they are being installed. You can install bird shock trays signs, railings, and covered ledges. The good thing about them is that they are visually appealing. But bird shock trays need electricity to run. So, make sure there is electricity wiring in the area where you are planning to put them to keep pigeons and birds out of your home.

Bird wire-bird wire can be used to control pest birds at ledges and overhangs which have strong vertical resistance. Since adhesive installs last for only a few months, it is advisable to install them with the help of screws. Further, bird wire requires multiple runs which adds to the overall cost of using this bird control device. The lightweight construction of bird wire affects their durability and lifespan.

Bird gel-bid gel can be applied to surfaces to create a sticky, unattractive surface for the birds to nest and roost. Bird gel is however ideal for smaller birds and it lasts only for a few months after which new application is required. Bird gel often defaces expensive structures and must be sanded off to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating there.

Acoustic, visual bird control devices-sound and visual bird control devices are low cost in nature and are ideal for DIY, non -professional bird control users, but visual devices look ugly and unprofessional. Sound devices may add to the noise pollution and can raise objections from neighbours.

Before opting for any particular bird control device, evaluate both the pros and the cons and then choose the device that best meets your individual bird control needs. You can hire a professional bird control company to help you select the right bird control device/method.