Which Dog Breed Is Best For My Children?

Having a pet dog can be such a fun time of a child’s life.

Which One?

Saying “let’s get a pet dog” sounds awfully simple, however the reality is massively different. Choosing a pet dog means looking primarily at which breed you are going to buy. The input from your children may not be that great, they are just looking forward to helping with the dog care!

Contrary to popular belief, in general dogs have a favourable attitude towards children. There are however some favourite breeds which we would recommend you consider, as this will give the best opportunity for your child to bond with the dog and be fully involved on the dog care side of things. Obviously any dog can react to being taunted or teased relentlessly, so be sure to discuss respectful behaviour towards your dog with your child before you bring your pet home.

Remember the basics too regarding supervising your child and never leaving the dog along with a baby. You will be able to get more specific information surrounding that when you buy the dog.

Golden Retriever

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These are far and away the best dog to have for your children. Golden retrievers are the most intelligent breed of dog and therefore the easiest to train. This means your child can be involved with the dog care aspect from day one of the dog coming home.

This breed is also extremely calm, relaxed and friendly towards everyone, meaning your postman need not worry about having his fingers bitten!

Other breeds of retriever, such as Labrador, are also an excellent choice as they display many characteristics of Golden Retrievers.


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Pugs are more difficult to train however with patience they will quickly become a much loved family member. Pugs are extremely lovable and will seek attention at all times, making them an ideal friend for a young child to grow up with. This breed can be an excellent choice for busy households, as they do not require a great deal of exercise and spend a lot of time simply looking for more things to play with.

Cocker Spaniel

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For a breed which was originally evolved to hunt in packs, the Cocker Spaniel is now one of the friendliest dog breeds on the planet and a great choice to have in the house with your children. An intelligent breed which are easy to train, Cocker Spaniels love being active and will provide you with plenty of opportunities to get out of the house. This breed also loves to eat, meaning leftovers may be a thing of the past in your house!