Which flowers mean I Miss You?

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When you are missing someone, especially your wife or girlfriend and you want to let her know that she is being thought of, send her a bouquet of flowers. A beautiful bouquet made up of bright and fresh flowers would conjure up so many emotions and would make her feel glad that she is being adored and remembered so much.

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But do you know which flowers mean I miss you? Before you send fresh flower though online shop that delivers flowers or through your local florist, it would be better to know the flowers that convey the simple message of I miss you.

Sweetheart Roses-what could be more appropriate than roses to show your love and romance to your significant others? Sweetheart roses with the delicate and pale color say I miss you in an understated and romantic way. You may send a combination of peach, pink, and white sweetheart roses to convey the feeling of loneliness and romance.

Carnations-characterized by their sweet and gentle fragrance, carnations are popularly used to tell someone that you are missing them. Pink carnations mean that the person to whom you are giving the flowers is simply unforgettable. Red carnations signify missing and admiration. You may send all red or all pink carnations or you may choose to send a mix variety in a beautiful vase or basket.

Stargazer lilies-these flowers with their beautiful pink, red, and white petals strongly evoke the sentiments of love, romance, and remembrance. The sweet fragrant scent of these flowers make them the perfect flowers for expressing true and heartfelt emotions and feelings.

White orchids-white orchids are beautiful flowers that convey a variety of meanings, including that of elegance, purity, wistfulness, and loneliness. They are appropriate for saying I Miss You to someone whom you love the most. Yet another advantage of sending white orchids is that they are very easy to maintain and care for. The recipient can place the white orchids in a vase and would be reminded of you and your love every time she looks at the flowers.

Some other flowers that you can send to say I Miss You are forget-me-nots, yellow Zinnia, and the Gladiolus. Forget-me-nots symbolize remembrance, yellow zinnia signifies daily remembrance and gladiolus stand for remembrance, as well as varied other emotions like faithfulness, strength of character, and infatuation.

When sending flowers, choose the flowers according to their inherent meaning to not only convey the right emotion, but also to let the recipient know of your sincere efforts in picking the appropriate flowers for her.

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