Which is the best broadband provider?

When you’re looking at Broadband providers it can be a pain trying to work out which one is best. A large part of your decision to choose one broadband provider over another will come down to what package you can get and at what price but there are also a wealth of other factors to consider when trying to evaluate the best broadband provider. What constitutes the best broadband provider will largely be determined by your needs but it depends what you’re looking for.

Best Broadband provider for speed

In terms of broadband speed there are two things that can determine your speed. Firstly, the quality of your router will determine the strength of your signal and this can have a large impact on your broadband connection efficiency. All broadband offer reasonably good routers but buying your own is a much better option. Of the standard packages BT has one of the best standard routers but none of them are particularly spectacular. The second thing to consider is the type of broadband on offer in your area with fibre optic currently being the best but still not available in most of the country. If you do have access to fibre optic then currently only BT and Virgin can offer these services so go with one of the two! If not then all broadband providers are equal in terms of speed as they can only offer speeds that your line will support! Rather than paying a fee for something you can’t get use a free broadband speed test to see what you’re capable of!

Best Broadband provider for packages

In the UK there are really only two contenders for best internet provider for packages – Virgin and Sky. While most providers offer phone deals and lots of them offer mobile broadband packages only Virgin and Sky can offer TV deals. There are lots of different options for TV bundles but the key to choosing the best provider in this category is working out exactly what channels you want and will actually watch. It’s easy to get carried away but the best provider will be one that offers you the package you want WITH the right broadband speed you can actually get.

Best Broadband Provider for Customer Service

If you’ve ever had a bad customer service then you know how annoying this can be. With broadband this can mean no connection, terrible speeds or masses of extra charges. In terms of customer service the best internet providers at the moment are O2 and BT who both won awards last year for their exceptional levels of customer service. However, customer service can be a fickle thing and sometimes bight you with any provider so don’t take these indications as gospel.

Best broadband provider for price

Prices change on a fairly regular basis and it’s a good idea to check them whenever your contract is up as this way you can snag a better deal! At the time of publishing this Primus at under £3 a month! Though you won’t get much for your money of course!