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Which is the best processor – best processor for laptops and desktop pc

Which is the best processor – best processor for laptops and desktop pc

Going to buy new PC or laptop? Wanted to know which is the best processor? Read this article. In short, I wanted to see – what were the best computers in 2009, what accessories are selected and used in the best computer assemblies in 2011. I would also like to estimate the growth of computer performance in Euro spent, and that is important – to specify the weight of the phrase better computer. In the second part will talk about more mundane and concrete – how to choose the best accessories for your computer. How to buy a good computer, how to choose the the best computer for you, to a certain price range.

Tips on choosing the best processor for your computer. Choose the best processor for the computer 2011.

Before you start doing good and so as not to sink into the abyss of computer hardware, I want to describe, clarify the purpose of the search. The assembly of any computer includes 8 major computer components, 5 of them meet and influence the performance of the PC, and the remaining 3-ka provides efficiency ‘golden’ Five system unit. A good modern computer consists of:

1. Processor – CPU – Central Processing Unit.

2. Motherboard – The motherboard.

3. Memory – Memory.

4. Video card – Video card.

5. Hard disk – HDD – hard disk.

– – – – – – – –

6. Optical Drive CD-DVD-BluRay.

7. Power Supply – power supply unit.

8. Case – Case computer.

Will your home computer the best depends on a balanced choice of major components. I remind you the best computer – this is the maximum performance of your computer for a certain amount, but not the best performance of your PC at any price. The best computer components are those that provide the best price / performance ratio.

So, at the option of a computer, the council’s number one – do not confuse the eggs with mild or cool word to the best computer to do with it. The best a computer can be as low cost, but a balanced build a computer, and expensive, but no less thought-out configuration of your PC. Buy a good computer, choose a good set of computer, not including the brain – will not work. Trusting your choice of PC computer store, you risk losing up to 50% of performance, computer speed on level ground. Powerful gaming PC in 2011 .

Useful tips computer – how to choose the components, assemble a computer yourself.

1. Choose CPU which has powerful processor in build

First on the list is the CPU – a fundamental choice, an important component of a computer that has a significant impact on the total system performance. Choice – largely depends on the budget and scope. Choosing a CPU, I advise you not play too long – the race for the maximum speed of the processor can have negative consequences.

Quite often attempt to assemble a computer with a powerful CPU, which sacrificed the remaining components PC. Particularly acute is the impact on performance gaming computers, where the balance of power is important accessories, the best choice of processor is interconnected with the best selection of video cards. Example of possible losses can glance here – choice of processor and video card .

When choosing a processor for the computer, do not forget to specify its relevance (present), with relatively equal value is always faster than today’s processors – processors of last generation, a recent example – Intel Core i5-760 ($ 218) and the new Intel Core i5-2500 ($ 228) . Choosing a processor, consider the specifics of future loads. For example, a typical office PC, PC to study (movies, music, Internet) – with such tasks easily handle 2-core processor.

Modern good gaming computer requires a 4-core processor. Many of today’s game as good as the programs to understand all the charm of multi-threading, which is quite a significant effect on growth performance gaming PC. But do not forget that the choice of CPU must necessarily be linked with a choice of graphics card in the gaming machine processor – there is safety in numbers. In the best computer for video games are always more expensive processor.

With a choice of processor-intensive programs for serious – 3ds max, Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, etc. somewhat more complicated. 4-core processor is the minimum, but along with the power of the processor is bound to memory, hard drives and video card. Developers of modern software are increasingly paying attention to the simultaneous processing of data by the processor and video card. By collecting a certain computer software, I suggest – to clarify whether the support payments by the CPU + GPU. Computer symbiosis video processor significantly reduces the time required. Examples of computer assembly – 3ds Max 2011 PC assembly. CS5 computer for video editing.

For modern processors AMD (AM3) are:

2-core – Athlon II X2 240 2,8 GHz – 265 3,3 GHz;

2-core – Phenom II X2 545 3,0 GHz – 565 3,4 GHz;

3-core – Athlon II X3 425 2,7 GHz – 455 3,3 GHz;

4-core – Athlon II X4 620 2,6 GHz – 645 3,1 GHz;

4-core – Phenom II X4 925 2,8 GHz – 975 3,6 GHz;

6-nuclear – Phenom II X6 1055T 2,8 GHz – 1100T 3,3 GHz.

In the second half of 2011 is planned to yield new AMD architecture Bulldozer. AMD Gaming Systems .

By modern CPU Intel are – processors Sandy Bridge:

2-core – Core i3-2100 3,1 GHz – i3-2120 3,3 GHz;

4-core – Core i5-2300 2,8 GHz – i5-2500K 3,3 GHz

4-core – Core i7-top 2600 – i7-2600K 3,4 GHz;

The previous generation of processors Intel:

2-core – Pentium Dual-Core E5200 2,5 GHz – E6800 3,33 GHz

2-core – Core i3-530 2,93 GHz – i3-560 3,33 GHz;

2-core – Core i5-650 3,2 GHz – i5-680 3,6 GHz;

4-core – Core i5-750 2,66 GHz – i5-760 2,8 GHz;

4-core – Core i7-860 2,8 GHz – i7-875K 2,93 GHz;

4-core – Core i7-920 2,66 GHz – i7-975 3.33GHz Extreme Edition;

6-nuclear – Core i7-970 3,33 GHz – 990X 3,46 GHz Extreme Edition.

Equality of AMD and Intel processors on frequency response, the number of cores in any case does not guarantee equality of performance. Say with words, but it’s better to see once the results of tests CPU, 100 times to hear about them. So I suggest – to look at tests of Intel and AMD, and only then to draw conclusions and accurate selection of the best processor for your computer.

In a comparison of processor, I added a small and very important detail – to test the CPU pegged the average price. Why? – Nothing to do. But seriously – most of them buying a computer is limited to a certain budget – without being tied to the price of the CPU is not the best choice to make, so that the tests quizzes, love and the money account.

For comparison, processors have been chosen: a popular synthetic benchmark 3DMark Vantage (CPU test subtest CPU), to assess the ‘pure’ CPU performance benchmark used x264, to compare the gaming performance was chosen as a test game Far Cry 2. Go directly to the test – processor amd / intel. 3DMark Vantage – a popular benchmark with several narrowly focused subtests for assessing the performance of the system as a whole and separately taken on the direction (on the specifics of the load). To evaluate the performance of the processor used CPU test 3DMark Vantage, an advantage of this benchmark may include a good test optimization for multiple cores, which in turn gives a more accurate picture of the advantages of a computer with an increase in ‘nuclear’ capacity.

Go to the possible question – why 2-core Intel are commensurate with the results of a 4-core processors AMD (in particular the new processors Core i3-2100 – i3-2120)? My answer is both – 2-core Core i3, Core i5, 4 and 6 nuclear armed Core i7 technology, Hyper-Threading, which allows the processors to process data on the two threads per core. OS 2-core processor looks like a CPU with 4 logical cores (respectively for seniors – 4 +4 and 6 +6). In practice, this is not 100% double, but for the most part provides a noticeable performance boost.

Video coding refers to the most demanding tasks, ensuring the maximum load on all the computing power CPU. With the help of the diagram, we can estimate the ‘pure’ performance of modern processors in multithreaded applications. X264 HD Benchmark test is able to download the full multi-core processors with the active use of new SIMD instructions.

Comparison of CPU game test CPU Far Cry 2.

I think that for many becomes a revelation that the maximum efficiency of computer games achieved the best combination of CPU + video card. Choosing a computer game, and many allow the two extremes: 1) Some pin their hopes on a powerful processor better, and 2) others rely on a powerful graphics card and. In a word – the maximum graphics performance depends on CPU speed game. More details – choose card processor to buy .

How can I test the video card, in principle, it is clear, the same games. How to be a processor? The answer is simple and lies near – the processors can test games, just need to change the approach. In the gaming tests, processors used the following settings. To reduce the dependence of the results of tests on the graphics subsystem .

As a result, we obtain the fps on that is greatly influenced this processor. Furthermore, in principle, to say nothing – results in the test performance of processors in the same conditions, clearly visible in the diagram. And in conclusion will say this – choosing the best processor for your computer, do not forget the most important – the purposes for which it is bought. Evaluate the possibility of the CPU in the proposed environment, choose a word processor is not great, but under the alleged program. Less than listen to sellers of computer shops – compare prices more CPU performance in specific applications. Versatile, more functional, the optimal processor of today I think – 4-core CPU. The best processor is not the most expensive, the best one that does not kill the choice of remaining components.

Speaking of choice for OEMs computer – while continuing to search for a better assembly of the computer, a smooth transition to the choice of motherboard for the processor – how to choose a motherboard.

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