Which Is the Best Smartphone – Samsung – iPhone – Nokia Lumia 900?

Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S3 Android Phone 8MP Camera,
4 GHz Quad-core, Wi-Fi,
8-Inchch Screen, 16 GB Memory
Cost: $899.99

Apple IOS iPhone 4
16 GB
5-Inchch Screen,
Cost: $450

Lumia900 Windows Phone
5, 8 MP Camera,
3-inch Touch Screen, 16 GB Memory and Wi-Fi
Cost: $800

Looks wise, the Lumia900 is probably the most aesthetically pleasing. It’s sleek and the available color option in blue is very appealing and unique. As far as the processors, I would say that they are on a pretty equal playing field. All three phones have the capacity to multi-task, it’s just a matter of your operating system preference. The iPhone definitely wins in the price category as it is the cheapest of the three. Apart from the lower megapixel count and screen size, it’s pretty much level to the other two phones for a more reasonable price. Screen size is really a matter of preference anyway. Overall, I believe that the iPhone is the best bang for your buck. Not only does it have incredible specs and is (relatively) affordable, but this is a 5th generation of this phone. Most of the quirks and kinks have been worked out in this release. Not only that, but you get the bonus of device connectivity with your iPad, iPod, or Macbook (if you own these) and you get Apple’s renowned support. To me, it’s a no brainer, buy an Apple iPhone 4. – Las Vegas

It is The Apple phone. Compared to the others you are getting the most bang for your buck. For $400 less than the competitors I can get the same or greater storage. A 5 inch screen is the perfect size for a pocket and gives plenty of room for your fingers without accidentally hitting other things. It will not be as bulky as an 8 inch screen but still more readable and functional than a 3 inch screen. The description does not include the camera specs, but I can say with confidence that it is most likely comparable. The Apple products also have a more desirable aesthetic. – Orlando

It is Android. This is since that phone has the 4 GHz quad core processor and the android os. I prefer the Android OS since the marketplace is not as limited as Apple’s App Store. I find Samsung is a very good company that I can trust in too so that also affects my choice. Window’s phone is more limited app wise that the other two so I wouldn’t choose that one. That is since it is not a popular. Android also being the most popular of the three will have a very large variety of apps to choose from. Overall I would say the Android phone is superior than the other two. – New York

It is the Lumia900 Windows Phone because I like the windows OS better than the iPhone. It looks slicker, useability is better in my opinion, is cheaper, and the value is better. Everyone has an iPhone which I believe just enforces the herd mentality. iPhone is overrated and people just accept it to be the ‘best’ wherein it has many competitors that do tasks better than the iPhone. – Manhattan

I am an Apple die hard fan. No matter the price, Apple is the best. Quality is great, iOS 5 is stable and Apple has the best app store available. Even though Android and Windows have bigger screens for their mobile devices, Apple has a great retina display and I wouldn’t change it for any other mobile device. – Miami