Which Strategy Games to Play Online?

Playing strategy games online isn’t everybody’s ‘cup of tea’ because quite simply, they take a long time to learn. However, once you have found a fantastic strategy game to ‘sink your teeth’ into, you will find that hours and hours will pass without you realising!

A strategy game relies on the player’s choice when making decisions. The choices you make as a player will influence how the game unfolds. Just one ‘poor decision’ during your strategy games online will result in failure. However, the perfect decision could result in winning! It takes a long time to work out exactly how to learn the game enough to win every time, and even then, there is no guarantee you will win as there are so many variables in place.

There are a plethora of different strategy games online for you to sink your teeth into. This ranges from the basics of checkers and chess, all the way through to some pretty intense games which rely on the power of your mind to make quick decisions in times of ‘peril’. Honestly, there is no better feeling than cracking the game and working out the perfect strategy, although you will need to keep on developing your strategy. This is where the majority of the ‘longevity’ in strategy games lies. You always have the constant drive to improve.

Perhaps the most popular strategy games online are ‘War Games’, which of course building up vast armies and pitting yourself against the computer, all the while surrounded by absolutely incredible scenery, which of course really looks stunning and keeps you ‘gripped’ whilst playing the game. There is nothing like the feeling of playing an online strategy game which has been based on a beautiful gaming world.

When you are selecting which strategy games to play online, you will need to choose whether you enjoy ‘turn based strategy’ or ‘Real Time Strategy’ (sometimes known as an RTS). Turn Based Games will involve you constantly having to adapt your strategy based on the actions of the computer, however, with Real Time Strategies you will need to just plough ahead and go with your gut feeling. Sometimes you may get it wrong, but other times you may get it right!

The strategies that you need to employ will vary from one game to the next. This is different to other styles of games as you will really need to plan what to do in advance, and thus it requires you to be an incredible thinker. There is no chance that any of the strategy games you play will ever ‘be the same’

It is important that you find a fantastic website that offers strategy games online, that way you know that you are going to have an incredibly ‘vast’ selection to choose from. This of course means that you stand a much greater chance of finding a fantastic game that you know you are going to enjoy, and of course, keep playing for many hours to come!