White Ribbon Day – Putting An End To Violence Against Women

The Fight Against Violence

It is tragic that, in what should be an enlightened world, there is still so much violence towards women across all cultures and societies. In the hope to raise awareness, to put an end to fear of domestic violence, and to allow women to live in safety, White Ribbon Day was created.

Real Men Don’t Hurt Women

White Ribbon Day is part of the international, male instigated White Ribbon Campaign that encourages men to speak out and take a stand against violence towards women.

The belief is that most men would never consider hurting a woman, would speak out if they knew a woman was in danger, and would willingly stand up for any woman in harm’s way.

The campaign also inspires men to encourage violent colleagues to seek support and help to stop their brutal behavior. Of course, the ultimate aim of White Ribbon is to permanently stop global male violence against women.

It is a significant and important step towards ending a very damaging and oppressive worldwide problem.

Turning Violence Into Triumph

The concept for the White Ribbon Campaign came from Canada, where, on December 6th 1989, fourteen women were massacred by a gunman at l’École Polytechnique in Montreal. On the second anniversary of this tragedy, in 1991, a small group of Canadian men began the White Ribbon Campaign to promote speaking out against violence against women.

In 1999, the date of November 25th was officially declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be the ‘International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women’.

Since then, White Ribbon Day has been held annually on November 25th.

White Ribbon Events

Events are held globally throughout the year, by a number of diverse organisations, to raise awareness and raise funds.

On the day, people are encouraged to buy and wear white ribbons. By doing this they show support for the campaign, they help to draw attention towards the problem and they urge people to never remain silent when they know that violence is taking place. The funds raised are used to raise social awareness, educate men and boys on how to deal with situations without resorting to violence, and to help women’s shelters that help women who have been victims of male violence.

Many celebrities, male and female, have lent their voices and support to the campaign over the years since it began.

Worldwide Awareness

Since the White Ribbon Campaign began, millions of men have taken more responsibility for their actions, and female victims of violence all over the world have been helped and rehabilitated.

This year, please keep an eye out for White Ribbon events in your area, and lend your support to helping put an end to male violence against women.