News Who Are Your Best Workers?

Who Are Your Best Workers?


What Is A Unit Of Production?

One of the key questions that a business tries to answer on a consistent basis is how much production they are getting out of each employee. Some companies take the amount of money made in an hour and divide by how many employees that were working. That can determine the average output a group of employees and that can then be used to determine how much production each employee accounts for.

Some Great And Easy Tips For Employee Management

CNN has a great article that lists a few great ways in which a manager can get a sense of how an individual is performing at work. One of the best tips in the article is that a manager can simply spend a few minutes talking to the employee to get an idea of how that employee is working. A manager can also tell in a quick chat how an employee is doing by looking at body language and composure alone.

What Does The Company Value Most?

A company needs to be able to know what it wants from its employees. There can be no useful measure of an employee’s productivity if there is no sense of what is considered productive. If you are running a grocery store, do you measure an employee’s worth by how many groceries they can scan, or do you go by how many customer compliments they get? It doesn’t matter what this measure is, but it should be a clear one.

Always Consider External Factors

When measuring the production of an employee, some external factors should also be considered. An employee might be able to scan only 4 items in a minute, but maybe it is because they insist on taking time to bag correctly. Perhaps they deal with older customers who need extra help cashing out, or perhaps extra time is taken to talk to customers who might live alone and only interact with others at the store. In these instances, the decreased productivity isn’t the result of a poor worker, but the existence of outside factors

Know Who Is Worth Keeping Even If The Numbers Are Low

Numbers don’t lie, but they can be misleading. While you need some sort of objective measure to determine productivity, it shouldn’t be the only indicator. As a manager, you tend to know who is working well and who isn’t working well. A worker might not be able to quickly make a sub at the sub-shop, but they could be really good at getting customers through the line during the busy lunch hour. You have to use your gut a little bit as well.

Every Company Is Different

Ultimately, productivity is determined by how the company sees it. If a company wants a customer oriented experience, productivity might be measured in happy customers and relaxed patrons. If a company wants the most widgets produced as possible in a day, it might only matter how many a worker can make. At the end of the day, only a particular company can determine if an employee is as productive as they could be.

Who Are Your Best Workers?
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