Who Else Wants Cheap Cute Earrings?

If you can only afford to invest in one new fashion trend this season, make it cheap, cute earrings. Why? Because these earrings are an inexpensive way of including the seasonal flavor of the month into your current wardrobe without putting a serious dent in your clothing budget.

Where to Buy Cheap Cute Earrings

While you can probably snag a bargain or two on cheap earrings by checking for sales while you’re doing your regular clothing shopping, you can save yourself a lot of time, money and effort by shopping online.

You can comparison shop several vendors at once to make sure you get the best possible price on the cutest earrings. No driving, no parking, no toting bags – a shopping diva’s dream come true!Cheap cute earrings


You can slash your cost of accessorizing by taking advantage of Claire’s earring club. Prices start around $3.00 per pair and top out at about $30, and when you buy two pairs, you get one free. What’s not to love about a deal like that?

With both an online and a brick-and-mortar presence in most localities, you’re sure to find plenty of cheap cute earrings to go with almost every outfit in your closet.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is undoubtedly one of the best one-stop shopping venues for bargains on trendy items like drop earrings at bargain basement prices. Prices range from around $1.50 per pair to under $10 with free shipping in the United States on orders of $50 or more.

Choose from a wide variety of payment options such as most major credit cards, PayPal or Forever 21 store credits and gift cards, and shop as a guest or as a registered shopper.

Glitter Jewelry 4 U

Glitter Jewelry 4 U specializes in sterling silver jewelry, and in addition to offering low prices on cute, trendy earrings, you can click on the “cheap jewelry” link and find earrings for under $2. Pay for your purchase with a major credit card, personal check or money order, and shop securely with this Verified Authorize.net merchant.

Diva Bling Jewelry

Drop earrings are a hot fashion accessory so if you are looking for a way to add some of these fashion forward accessories to your wardrobe at a rock bottom price, Diva Bling Jewelry is your go-to source. However, be sure to browse their inventory because in addition to a wide selection of drop earrings styles, they also offer a large range of other styles in affordable price points.

A perk for shoppers is their customer-friendly 30 day return policy and their 30 day warranty against manufacturer defects. Shopping is safe and secure at this Authorize.net merchant, and you can choose from payment options such as PayPal, American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa.

Palm Beach Jewelry

In addition to offering a huge selection of fashionable earrings at inexpensive prices, Palm Beach Jewelry’s 3X Free promotion is a sweet shopper incentive. On orders over $50, customers receive two free pairs of earrings, a free mystery gift, and free shipping.

Another nice perk is their Easy Pay Plan, which allows you to take up to four months to pay for your purchase without incurring any finance charges. If you’d prefer, pay for your purchase with PayPal or most major credit cards.

Tips for Accessorizing With Earrings

Less is more with jewelry; however, the tendency is to over-accessorize so if you feel like you are wearing too much jewelry, go with your instincts – you probably are. Today’s fashion trend is moving away from the matched sets of the past and focusing on carefully selected signature pieces.

What does this mean to you? If you wear a dramatic, eye-catching pair of earrings with lots of bling and sparkle, either forgo wearing a necklace or choose a small one to complement your earrings.

Watch Your Visual Balance

Opt for visual balance and symmetry and rather than trying to match the color of your outfit, look for cheap, cute earrings in a complementary color or opt for a pair in a bold, contrasting color to make your ensemble pop.

Alter Your Image

You can use earrings to unify the look of almost any outfit and dress it up or dress it down instantly. Earrings can make you look tall and oh-so slim – just opt for long, dangly chandelier or drop styles to accomplish this. If you’d rather look classy and rich, emulate the Jackie Onassis look and go for pearl earrings instead. The key is to decide what image you want to project, and then choose an earring style to accomplish that look.

Cheap or Inexpensive?

Just because the price of an item is cheap doesn’t have to mean it is poorly made or inferior in quality. However, it does means you have to be a conscious consumer and do your research before making your purchases.

Read product reviews and item descriptions carefully. If an item has lots of negative reviews for poor quality, it’s probably not your best buy. In addition, evaluate the look and tone of the website. Is its appearance tasteful and inviting or does it lack appeal? Sometimes, it does pay to “judge a book by its cover” especially when you are exchanging your hard earned money for a product – even an inexpensive product like jewelry or sundresses.

Origami earrings image by Indie Bands With A Mission under CC-BY-2.0 via Flickr