Who Should not Whiten Teeth?

Whitening Teeth Should not be Applied to Everybody

Before taking any teeth whitening process be aware of who should not whiten teeth. If your teeth are enough bright & white, no need to be whitened. Only people who have problems with teeth few tips are contributed for them. Your smiling is most important while you first meet someone, so it is better to have lovely teeth. But it may not possible to have bright teeth always, particularly when someone gets elderly and stain takes place due to aging or drinking more tea, coffee or smoking cigarettes or eat betel leaf.

Who should not whiten teeth?

1. Whenever Breastfeeding whitening is dangerous

Whitening teeth is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding, as whitening kits often contain bleaches which may not be harmful to an adult but they might be hazardous to a new born baby. It is not wise to take any risk at all in this situation and we advise to wait until the birth of the baby and weaned.

Whiten teeth with natural process

2. Under the Age of 16 are not recommended

A minor who is under sixteen is advised not to whiten teeth as enamels and gums are still forming and if do so it could lead to future problems. We advise him to search natural remedies and also to avoid any food or beverage that can cause discoloration & decay.

Whiten teeth

3. Dark Stains teeth should not be Whitened

Dark brown or black staining is not advisable to be whiten. The dark stains are not be affected by the whiting agents and may convert even more visible as the tooth enamel close to them is white, so they could look more bad and we advise him to visit a good dentist & get advice.

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4. Sensitive Teeth must not be whitened

We suggest not to attempt any whitening process if you have sensitive teeth or having problems in the past with gums or tooth enamel or the enamel is very thin. We suggest to stop teeth whitening of any form whenever found gum disease or tooth decay and to start the process after those issues have been rectified fully.


5. Damaged Teeth are not fit for this process

Any broken teeth, cavities or exposed nervous should be rectified by a dentist before whiten your teeth as the bleaching agents or whiteners may enter the cracks and cause irritation. Your teeth should be in good shape before you start the whitening.

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Tips and warning

If you want to whiten your teeth it vital for you to know who should not whiten teeth. Consult a Dentist and take the process either natural or medicinal as per his advice subject to you are not a person of above category.

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