Who wants a Free Cell Phone? Free Low Income Cell Phones Offered By The Government

?Today, there are free low income cell phones offered by the Government. This may be difficult to believe but the Government has realized that everyone, even low income earners, need to communicate regularly with their loved ones and also work colleagues and to this end, everyone needs a cell phone to communicate with. That is why they have come up with a program to offer free cell phones to the persons earning a low income.

Cell phones have become a necessity in today’s world and the technological edge in the cell phone industry has advanced tremendously such that more than ever before, phones have become smarter, smaller, slimmer and faster to communicate with. The mobile phone programmers, manufacturers as well as the Governments have come to the realization that communication is necessary no matter which income bracket the population is, everyone needs to hear about their loved ones, their friends, their colleagues and acquaintances, and how everyone is fairing as well as the current evens and projects that are happening in a community. These institutions have developed mobile phone programs that are readily used by cell phone owners of many cadres.

One might ask the question, who in this day and age does not have a cell phone? You may be surprised to know that a large population of the citizens of the developed countries and an even bigger percentage of the population in the developing countries do not have mobile phones. This is because they cannot afford to buy one either because they receive a low income.

Why the Government is giving Out Free Cell Phones

In the list of products that the United States Government has decided to assist its citizens with, they have included the free cell phone service as well as free mobile phones themselves. However, the Government is very strict on the qualification of a person to get these free products and services. To quality to receive a free cell phone offered by the Government, one needs to be in the low income bracket or at times, be a senior citizen. Further qualifications include the person following the guidelines that have been set forth by the authorizing body and the regulations.

The phone service extended to the low income earners and users of the free cell phones offered by the Government should strictly be used in the efforts towards getting a job. The service can also be used to reach a local abuse hotline for victims of various violent attacks especially domestic violence victims. The elderly folk of the States can also use the free cell phone services offered by the Government to talk to their loved ones and family members.

Before and during the era of Ronald Reagan’s administrative rule, certain lifeline programs were created in order to take care of every citizen of the United States of America in many aspects of the citizen’s life. The program of free cell phones was therefore assimilated during his reign through the then FCC or the Federal Communications Commission of the United States. The FCC is a separate and independent agency that was created under the Congressional statute and it’s goal is set in the areas of homeland security, public safety, broadband, spectrum and competition within the communications department. This era was in the nineteen eighty’s and the actual service started in 2005 with the FCC partnering with the NARUC or the National Association of Regulatory Commissioners and from joint venture the Lifeline Across America and the Link-Up programs were started.

The free low income cell phones offered by the Government was therefore put in place in line with the objective of providing affordable communication to all citizens of the United States of America. The object is to deliver cell phone aid to all the people who have a low income as well as the elderly folk of the States in order to facilitate communication with their friends, family and acquaintances. This group will also keep abreast with the current happenings of the country, States, County and community as well as the neighborhood.

How the Facility Works

The Lifeline program gives the qualifying American citizens a subsidized or discounted cell phone services. Depending on the state that the citizen lives in, this subsidy may vary and can reach up to ten dollars a month. The Link-Up program provides the same qualifying citizens with another subsidy of about thirty dollars which or half the cost of the mobile phone start up fee, whichever is lower. Link-Up program can also allow the humble American earner to receive two hundred dollars worth of setting up fees on the acquired mobile phone, given free of charge for an entire year. These amounts also vary with the size of the family.

How is it Possible that all these are Subsidized?

The Federal USF or Universal Service Fund funds the free cell phones offered by the Government for low income earning American citizens. The USF is in turn funded by the various telecommunication enterprises and companies. These telecommunication organizations are themselves funded by the other American users since the telecommunication companies, though not required to, ultimately pass down these costs to their consumers. Therefore, one can safely conclude that the American telecommunication consumer is the one who pays for the subsidized produces and services extended by the Government to the low income earners.

Some companies have rightly pointed out to the public that the free mobile phones as well as the free phone services given by the Government to the low earners through the Link-Up and Lifeline programs are not entirely funded by the Universal Service Fund funds and to this end, the American telephone services consumer does not entirely fund the free programs.

When you look at the number of persons aided by the products and services that the Government extends, you will appreciate that this is a good service that is being offered. Close to seven million Americans with low incomes benefit from the subsidies and about one thousand seven hundred phone companies are able to provide the free cell phones and services through the Link-up and Lifeline programs to the Government and therefore the free low income cell phones offered by the Government assists many people in America.