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Wholesale Cabochons – The Right Time to Buy In Bulk

Cabochons are unique natural stones that are shaped and polished; not cut and faceted like diamonds. The big stones are used as pendants and in bracelets and necklaces, and the smaller ones can be components of earrings, rings and other fine, delicate jewelry. Cabochons are widely used as inspiration to an entire piece, or accents to wire art. They come in every shape, color, sparkle and shine. Wholesale cabochons are available in local bead shops and online stores like pandahall.com.

If you are starting a jewelry making business, finding the right materials, including wholesale cabochons, is very important to the success of that business. Of course we are all aware that almost every online store offers the best cabochon stones. You can check with pandahall.com and view what they have to offer. Aside from cabochons, you might also find there some materials and supplies that are also required in your designs. That is the store where I go whenever I run out of some beads or need additional tolls and findings.

Once you have created some pieces from your wholesale cabochons, and you see that you are making steady sales, you can think of buying these stones now in larger quantities. Buying in bulk will increase your profit margin as you will be able to keep your production costs down. You can save time as you will cut down on running around some supply shops. Instead of making local trips, you can go online and visit some bead stores on the internet like pandahall.com and place your bulk order there. Another good thing that you can get from buying cabochons in bulk is the money saved from cost of supplies and the gas/transportation expenses that you incur.

Before going ahead with your purchase, I suggest that you sit down and do the math. Figure out how buying wholesale cabochons in bulk will affect your profit. Sure, the profit will be great; however, your bottom line will be dependent on how much sales your business is making. The income from your sales may not be enough to safely say that buying in bulk from pandahall.com or other online stores has proved to be helpful. I am saying this because I have learned from my own mistakes when I was just starting my wholesale purchases.

So, it will be better for you to wait until your jewelry making business is making steady sales to purchase wholesale cabochons in bulk. This way, you will not end up spending dollars for these supplies, and finding it difficult to get your money back as fast enough as you needed it. If you used your credit card for these materials the accumulated interest will cause your profit margin to shrink.

Other considerations to think about before buying wholesale cabochons in bulk include choosing the best online bead stores that are reputable, reliable, with best customer service, with a good return and refund policy, and can effect fast shipping of your order. Check out some craft and hobby shops on the internet, including pandahall.com. You’ll be surprised to find some stores are better than the others, and there are also scams out there. So be smart.

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