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Wholesale Jewelry Findings Explained

Jewelry findings are the components of a piece of jewelry that include among others, clasps, crimps, jump rings, earrings and metal beads. When you buy them from pandahall or some other stores in bulk, you’ll pay for them at wholesale prices. So, they are called wholesale jewelry findings. For those who are not familiar with some jewelry findings, you can find some of them below.

Rings/Jump Rings

These are easy to create; you just wind some wire around a mandrel and cut it into a ring. However, if you are making jewelry for sale, it will be best to buy rings that were commercially produced. Besides the homogenous shape, you also get a clean cut appearance. These wholesale jewelry findings are available at any craft and shop stores and the online beading shops like pandahall. The rings/wires can be of varied consistencies: soft, half hard, and hard. Soft wires are not recommended for jump rings because their shape cannot stay for long.

Jump rings are important components in jewelry making. Chain mail is created when several jump rings are intertwined together to make exquisite patterns. Pandahall and many other jump ring vendors are selling these wholesale jewelry findings in the shapes of heart, triangular and oval.

Head-pins and Eye-pins

The head-pins and eye-pins are among the most extensively bought wholesale jewelry findings at pandahall. A head-pin is a wire, just a small length, with a fitted stopper at one end. This will prevent the sliding off of the beads. On the other hand, an eye-pin has a looped end that functions to link the different jewelry parts together.

As in jump rings, you can also create your own head-pins and eye-pins effortlessly. You just have to draw a loop on a wire piece or hammer flat an end of the wire, then make a twirls and bend it. If you opt to buy them, they are available in diverse gauges, lengths and hardness.

Crimps and Crimp Covers

These wholesale jewelry findings from craft stores such as pandahall can either be tiny metal tubes or metal pearls used to fasten a clasp to a beading wire. The crimp grips or holds firmly closed the loop on a beading wire, so the clasp will not slip off. You need crimp pliers to squeeze the crimps. However, if no crimp pliers are available, you can flatten the crimp using chain nose pliers. Note that flattened crimp tend to have sharp edges. This is where you will need the crimp covers to remedy the situation.

Wire Guardians

These are wholesale jewelry findings from pandahall that protects your jewelry’s beading wire from the wear and tear brought about by the day to day use. Your jewelry piece such as a necklace will last longer with wire guardians; they will not have any contact with your jewelry clasp nor the wire.

Earrings Findings

As we all know, earrings findings can come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes. The most common of these wholesale jewelry findings are the earring fish hook and the earring posts. The earring posts need ear nuts or comfort pads to secure them behind your ears, and the fish hook is made from wire and has a loop at the front for attachment of any component or bead. You can properly wear it by just sliding the hook through your earlobes. The shape, which is unique, will keep the earrings in its place. Just like other findings, you can easily buy earrings findings at pandahall.

If you will notice, most wholesale jewelry findings are wires. In the older days, these wires used in making jewelry findings were made from precious metals such as gold or sterling silver. These metals represent the royalty then, and symbolize affluence. Because gold and silver are very expensive, jewelry makers decided to use other metals in creating jewelry findings. This is a mix of gold with other metals such as brass, copper or nickel. This metal is what we call today as gold-filled.

There are wholesale jewelry findings at pandahall that are made from gold-filled metal. These have become very popular because of the following characteristics, apart from being cost effective. Compared to pure gold, the gold-filled jewelry findings are very much affordable. The metal has flexibility, because the gold being a soft metal, can work well with other metal. And there is authenticity, as the gold used in gold-filled jewelry findings is one hundred per cent authentic. Why, because the gold quality is controlled by a regulatory body of the United States government.

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