Why A Low Acid Diet Is Important

A low acid diet is important to keep our body healthy and well balanced, consuming too many acidic foods can make you feel unwell and cause many unpleasant symptoms. This diet is also known as the alkaline acid diet and it requires you to eat mostly alkaline foods with only 20% of acidic foods allowed.

By consuming alkaline foods your body will not create acid within the body which can lead to various illnesses. By balancing your pH in your body you will have healthier teeth, bones and overall health. If your body is too acidic you will develop symptoms such as headaches, heartburn, aches and pains and bad breathe.It can also increase your risk of getting cancer as it weakens your immune system.

Dark leafy vegetables such as spinach are usually eaten on this diet, other foods that are allowed on this diet are almonds, fermented tofu, cinnamon and fruits high in potassium. As sugar is very acidic you can substitute it by including stevia, honey or molasses as a sweetener.To help maintain your pH level it is recommended that you do not consume more than 20% of acidic foods. These foods include red meat, dairy, pasta, bread, rice and anything with refined sugar in it.

low acid dietIf you find that you are getting sick too often and have multiple symptoms like I mentioned it is recommended that you go on a alkaline acid diet, as this will help eliminate toxins so you can start feeling better. Make sure you drink plenty of pure water every day and other liquids such as natural fruit juices, you can even add a squeeze of lemon juice in your water which can also help balance your pH. Lemons are alkaline and help to remove toxins from the body as well, it will help to cleanse and detox your body.

By following a low acid diet you will be boosting your immune system and you will feel and look a lot healthier, it can also help to protect you from getting serious illnesses that are caused by consuming high acidic foods. By following some raw food recipes you will be able to follow this diet much easier. As always, any diet or lifestyle change may be hard at first, especially if you had a diet high in refined sugar and carbohydrates.