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Why Aluminum Bifolds Are So Popular?

The last decade has seen a surge in the popularity of the bifold doors. The patio or the conservatory doors have always had single pane or the French door design is usually used as an alternative. French doors have two parts which open on either side to give maximum opening. The bifold doors have almost same mechanism with slight difference, but they offer an exposure up to ten meters. This has given rise to the popularity of the bifold doors. Bifolding doors are generally made of wood, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride or PVC or aluminum.

The Bifolding doors that are made of flexible aluminum have better durability and strength. The aluminum has great strength and flexible nature and so it can be used for slimmer and trendier designs. The aluminum frames can hold glass doors in a strong manner and so the view through the doors will be quite wide and better. If used properly these can be a vital part of indoor decorations.

Aluminum Bifolds

However, there are other numerous benefits that one can get from aluminum bifolds.

  • In case of aluminum the frame of Bifolding doors has thermal separation which means that the outside and the inside of the frame do not touch one another; thus there is no way for the heat or the cold to pass on the other side. It helps to keep the temperature on either side completely separate.
  • Unlike the wooden bifold doors, the aluminum framed doors give a complete view of the other side because even the slimmest aluminum frame can hold a heavy glass or transparent fiber door. Aluminum bifolds have less weight than its wooden or PVC counterparts; because these are provided with other metals for extra strength.
  • Aluminum is more durable than wood or PVC. Strength of the material keeps it intact for quite a long time. Even if the door is exposed to direct sun light or to rain there are slim chances for it to get affected very easily; whereas wood gets easily wet and the plastic frames get sticky if they are exposed to the heat for a really long time. The materials help to keep the inside temperature intact keeping the heat outside. Once installed, the aluminum bifold remains same with the same potency for quite a long time. It is more permanent than the other types.
  • Sometimes the people tend to avoid aluminum because of its steel grey color. It may not look appropriate in many rooms. But recently many companies have come up to provide various shades on such frames.
  • Aluminum bifolds are fire resistant. It makes the premises safer. For places which are prone to bush fire, the aluminum is the best choice. Be it a house or commercial premises aluminum bifold doors can be placed and can provide the needed beauty to the interior.
  • Aluminum bifolds can be placed in multiple places. It can be used as backyard door or separation door inside the house. Many prefer to make it the main door of their homes.
  • Budget is an important aspect to consider when it comes to installing a patio door. French doors are expensive where as bifolds are less costly. When it comes to bifolds, the aluminum frames are cheaper than the best quality woods and in case of replacement this is easy to change when compared to the other types.

While choosing this kind of doors you should consider all the aspects and all the pros and cons of the material. Some amount of research will help in choosing the right bifold doors for home or office. Aluminum bifold doors, in all measures, will reap more benefits than the other kinds. After all the sleek is the new smartness.

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