Why Application Security Testing is Necessary?

Business organizations, both big and small, have critical web and business applications that contain sensitive and critical business data. The data contains private and confidential details and information pertaining to one’s clients, growth plans and policies, profit and loss statements, and so on and so forth. Losing the critical business data not only results in financial loss to a company. But also puts its reputation at stake. People do not prefer to avail the services of a company that is vulnerable to losing its own data and records.

The instances of hacking and virus attacks are on the rise in the last few years. More and more companies are becoming victims of hackers and malicious viruses. In order to protect one’s web applications, most companies are making use of application security testing.

Application security testing helps protect an organization’s website, network, and services from malicious users. Web experts believe that if websites and applications are not testing for errors and vulnerabilities then hackers take advantage of such security vulnerabilities. Since every website application depends on several different types of software components like operating system, web server and databases, during security testing each of these components are thoroughly checked and the vulnerabilities are identified.

Typically, web application security scans reveal vulnerability to SQL injection, installation of path disclosure, command execution, .Net exception, PHP code injection, script language error, URL redirection, remote, file inclusion, and cookie manipulation. Application security testing may also involve checking vulnerabilities for website components such as web servers, web server technologies, HTTP methods, backup files, directory indexing, directory permissions, third party applications, and more.

Security testing is not limited to identifying the vulnerabilities. When the vulnerabilities are found, they are also eliminated. Most reliable providers of application security testing patch-up these vulnerabilities.

Businesses that make use of application security testing are able to save themselves from the potential risks and threats of hacking and virus attacks. In the long run, application security testing ensures the sustainability of the business. Businesses are able to keep their private and critical data safe and protected and are able to improve their performance and customer service.