News Why Are My Ears Clogged? Relieving Congested Ears

Why Are My Ears Clogged? Relieving Congested Ears


It’s normal for a person to ask “why are my ears clogged?” because there are a number of reasons for this. Clogged ears are most common after someone swims or after flying in an airplane, but they can also happen after having a cold or just out of nowhere. Having congested ears certainly isn’t life threatening but that doesn’t mean it isn’t painful and serious – not treating clogged ears can lead to an infection and more problems.

Why Do I Have Clogged Ears?

  • Swimming and getting water stuck in ears
  • Flying and having your ears pop from the air pressure.
  • Having an ear infection or suffering from a bad cold.
  • Having your ears filled with wax.

Plugged Ears – Some Possible Solutions

– There are a few things you can do to relieve your clogged ears. If you think ear wax is the problem, there are a couple of good over the counter products that should definitely help you out. A product like the Debrow ear wax removal kit is one such product. These are good ear wax removal drops.

– If you think it’s because you just landed on an airplane, you should pinch your nose and blow out a few times to try and fix it. For the future, there are a couple of specially made earplug products that will prevent this from happening again.

The Best Earpopping Product – The EarPopper

There is a product called the EarPopper which does just that. It is a “clinically proven, FDA-cleared” ear-popping device which removes wax and fluids without medication or drops. The EarPopper slowly releases a regulated stream of air into the nasal cavity and up the Eustachian tube, ventilating the middle ear. It’s a pretty cool device which is used by many doctors.

So, why do you have clogged ears? Whatever the reason is, I hope this article helped you understand why you have clogged ears and helped offer some good suggestions on how to get rid of them!

Why Are My Ears Clogged? Relieving Congested Ears
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