Why Are We Using Google?

I have just realised Google is a bully.

Yes. A nasty tyrannical bully, which has set itself up as the Great I Am.

Google has decided which site is a ‘Content Farm’, and which is not. It has decided which sites may sit on its front page, and which are relegated to the back of the line.

It doesn’t matter what you write about, if Google hates the site you write on, it will label that site a ‘content farm’ and your work might as well be written on the bathroom wall, where it may get more views than on the hapless site.

Years ago I decided to avoid Googling. I’ll use Duckduckgo because I don’t want a record of everything I search for.

If I do a search on autism I do not want every single page I visit to have an autism ad. If I look up  Reunion island, I do not want every page to have an ad from a travel agency.

It’s happened to you, although you may not be aware of it.

Further, there is an unholy alliance between Google and Facebook. Whether they will admit it or not. Items you search for on Google are captured, sold to FaceBook and appear on your page.

You can test this if you want.

When you use Google as a Search Engine it always puts Wikipedia first. Now you know that is NOT an authority. There are many errors, many biases on Wikipedia. It may be useful as a first stop, but if you are composing a piece worthy of your name, you have to keep going. And with Google, your going is often downhill.

I have come across brilliant pieces written on non-Google recommended sites which fulfill all my requirements. They are well written, full of facts, and quotable.

As Google has demeaned so many writing sites it is pretty clear one won’t be directed to them using Google.

I think most of us made the error in thinking that Google was the best search engine. I think we were wrong. And I think the only way to correct that error and cut the power of Google is to avoid it.

It is not going to be easy, for most of us aren’t comfortable with Yahoo and as Bing is Microsoft don’t want to jump from one megalomaniac to another, but it is time we took the step.   I use duckduckgo, it keeps no record of my searches.

I don’t use Chrome Browser as that is a Google product. Most people do use Chrome. I try to avoid anything connected to Google. Of course that is impossible as they own almost everything and have tentacles in every pie.

However, I made an effort to not use it. I try to stay away from a site which is so fat in it’s power that it thinks it controls the Internet. It decides what you will get in a search and what you are not permitted to see. It decides and boosts some sites to the sky, which really don’t have much to recommend them.

At least that is something.