Why Being Beautiful Does Not Make You Good

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In Western society beauty definitely does not equal goodness. The way beauty is singled out here for honors and acclaim mean that the beautiful girl (female beauty is prized more highly than male) more often than not is encouraged to stay childish and undeveloped, selfish and greedy.

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Money does not make up for this, neither does fame, but it is these things that beauty buys.

Beauty has always been worshipped and revered. Great beauty is awesome, people want a piece of it, to be near it, to sell it! What should be a blessing for its owner turns into a curse. The good fairy has bestowed a great gift at the cradle and the evil witch has turned it around.

Not too long ago beauty did have more choice. There were the archetypes of beautiful helpers, nurses and nuns, with their faces of serenity and compassion. Which beautiful girl now would rather be a nurse or a nun than a model, actress or Oligarchs paramour?

So what should you do if you have a beautiful daughter? As soon as she hits adolescence (possibly before) she will be approached by model agency scouts on the street. She wont stand a chance! Money, fame, the envy of all her friends! She will be surrounded by people who tell her lies, envy her, and want things from her. She will have no chance to form relationships of real intimacy and love, as these things will not be wanted or expected from her. She will get more and more egotistical and monstrous. Inside she will be empty and frightened. Finally she will grow old, her face (probably deformed from plastic surgery) showing her true character, and no one will care. If you have a beautiful daughter pray that she’s not too beautiful!

There is no answer. Beauty is a commodity that has always been bought and sold. Better not to have it and certainly don’t envy it. But if you do have it, or have a beautiful daughter, think about this. How much cooler would it be to be a perfectly stunning brain surgeon than a perfectly stunning actress?!

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Why Being Beautiful Does Not Make You Good, Seekyt
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