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Why Botox Training by Detox? Why Not Choose The Original And The Best?

If you’re a dentist, you may be wondering why you should choose Dentox over some of the other dental Botox training programs out there. There are many great reasons to choose a training program with Dentox and Dr. Howard Katz, an early leader and innovator in Botox training for dentists.

Here are a few:

Dr. Katz is still an innovator. New protocols for therapeutic and esthetic uses for Botox are still being developed, and Dr. Katz is still on the leading edge. He has injected more patients than any other educator and trained more doctors and dentists than anyone else. So why Dentox? The real question is perhaps why you would choose someone with less experience.

You practice on mannequins first. You won’t have to inject a live patient until you’ve practiced on a foam head. Instructors will watch to make sure you’re doing everything right — so you won’t have to practice on real people until you’re ready.

You can often bring real practice patients. For live-patient workshops, you can bring family members or staff members in many cases and let them be your first patients. Then, you can watch the results develop if you monitor them closely over the following two weeks.

Dentox has designed protocols for malpractice insurance. That’s why so many insurance companies recommend attending Dentox seminars. And we can help you choose the best carrier based on which carries we work most closely with.

We train in therapeutic as well as esthetic Botox. That means you’ll learn how to use Botox for TMD and migraines as well as to ease away facial lines and keep them from happening in many cases. What could be better than that?

What Is Included In Dr. Katz’s Botox Training Courses?

When you sign up, you will receive:

Detailed information on a variety of products, including dermal fillers and when to use each,
Suggestions to gain patient loyalty and make sure they do not leave for your competition

  • Foam practice heads,
  • Syringes,
  • Manuals,
  • Resource lists,
  • Sample forms for consent and treatment,
  • Certificate of Training on successful completion.

So why Dentox? Isn’t it obvious now? Learning Botox injections from a Dentox training course means learning the best, latest and most complete techniques from a longtime innovator in the field. Why would you even consider trying to learn these lucrative and valuable skills from anyone else?

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