Why Buy Genuine Leather Products?

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Genuine leather is one of those priceless commodities that have stood the test of time. Like fine wine, glittering gemstones, Swarovski cut crystal and classic cars; handbags, jackets, shoes and fashion accessories carefully hand crafted from authentic leather – be it bovine or something far more exotic such as crocodile, ostrich or python – will always be acknowledged as superior status symbols reflecting wealth, opulence and a bygone era.

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Enduring Quality

Notwithstanding a flood of realistic faux leather counterparts, authentic leather products provide a number of attractive benefits, not least of which is a timeless addition to style.

Fabulous ostrich handbags made from only the finest full quill leather have been in vogue for literally hundreds of years, while hardwearing crocodile belts, purses and wallets are likely to be desirable fashion accessories for generations to come.

Sleek, Soft and Durable

Supple, sleek and soft and only occasionally interrupted by the trademark insignia of scales and quill marks; real leather is extraordinarily tough and durable. As an organic material, leather has the ability to improve with age, while plastic pretenders are quickly reduced to cheap counterfeits by a simple scratch or tear.

Discerning clients from all over the world are, in fact, snapping up items crafted out of distressed leather, leather that has been purposefully treated to exhibit an aged or almost antique appearance, adding more weight to the undeniable attraction of genuine, hard wearing leather products.

Electrifying Versatility

Although leather is glamorous in its natural state, it can be further enhanced by dyes and pigments. Shocking red hornback crocodile handbags, sleek gold clutch bags and funky ostrich accessories and bags in navy blue, purple, cognac and bronze provide a versatile, electrifying range of trendy, ultra modern accessories designed to complement any fashion ensemble!

Why Buy Genuine Leather Products?, Seekyt

Retention of Value

There’s no denying there are cheaper materials on the market but nothing is quite like genuine leather when it comes to intrinsic value. Like full bodied red wines and masterfully executed fine art, leather has the ability to retain and even increase its monetary value over time. Although authentic leather and exotic skin products come at a price, they will seldom, if ever, lose their inherent worth!

Where to Find Genuine Exotic Leather Products & Accessories Online

The Safari Club is South Africa’s leading online boutique showcasing a comprehensive range of beautifully handcrafted exotic leather products.

Crafted from only the finest quality nature conservation approved leathers and skins, the stunning collection comprises a number of crocodile, ostrich and python handbags, wallets, purses and belts; highly desirable zebra skins and rugs, classic leather luggage and exclusive home accessories.

Browse the collection of genuine leather products online at www.safariclub.co.za right now and find out more about each item and the stores that stock the range.

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Why Buy Genuine Leather Products?, Seekyt
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