Why Cash and Go or Cash Until Payday is a Bad Deal for You

So you need some extra cash until payday but cash and go could be a bad deal for you. Most people could use a little extra money to help pay bills and to have some fun. But most of us have heard or said that there always seems to be more month at the end of the money. And just when you think you’re about to get back on track financially it seems as if a budget buster comes along. The kids get sick or the water heater goes out adding another bill to the stack. So what do you do? Creditors are funny about those things they call due dates so we either have to pay bills by the due date or suffer the consequences.

The Consequences

Getting a cash and go loan seem like a good option when the alternative of not paying your debt are late fees, loss of service, and a hit to your credit rating in some cases. But getting a payday loan doesn’t get to the root of the problem and unless you deal with the root of the problem the problem is going to keep coming back. So if getting a cash and go or payday loan isn’t a good deal what do you do. You could get a loan until payday but the suggestions below may be a better deal than getting a loan.

Another Job

As bad as all of this is, getting another loan from one of those cash and go or cash until payday companies only adds to your debt. Another Job may be a better option. You can use the money from another job to pay down debt. Using the money from a second job to pay off debt is filling in your debt hole. When you borrow money from a cash and go or cash until payday, you could dig yourself into a deeper financial hole.

Debt Counseling

Debt counseling is another way to try to improve your financial situation. People that have plenty of money have financial counselors so why shouldn’t you. Sure they can afford financial advisors but there are plenty of free financial counselors available to anyone that needs financial counseling.

Cutting Expenses

Cutting expenses is another way to avoid a cash and go or payday loan type company. Cable television packages and cell phone plans can take a big bite out of a budget. Finding cheaper cable and cell phone plans can save you money that could be applied to reducing your overall debt.

Living Within Your Means

Living within our means sounds easy but if it were that easy we wouldn’t need a cash and go loan. Keeping up with the Jones’ is more expensive than ever. When we see all of those shiny new iPads and the latest cell phone wonder, they can be hard to resist. That makes it tempting to spend more than we earn. That brings us to the point of considering getting a cash and go loan. Step away from the iPad if you can’t pay cash up front.

To Borrow or Not to Borrow?

A payday loan might not be a bad option for everyone but for many, loans ends up being revolving doors that you can’t get out of. Sure, some people can get a loan and pay it off with no problem. If you’re disciplined enough to do this, by all means do it if you need to. But most of us should consider getting debt counseling, a second job, and paying with cash. Doing those things could put you in a financial position that keeps you out of a cash and go loan that may not be the best deal for you.