Why Choose LULA Elevators?

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Generally, accidents or old age limit mobility within the house and outside. Wheelchair users or mobility challenged people may face serious difficulties in participating in events or moving about in public places. LULA (Limited Use Limited Access) elevators are a practical solution to resolve the accessibility challenges of such people, providing them with greater freedom and independence.

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Commercial LULA elevators are ideal for low-rise commercial buildings such as churches, schools, hospitals, airports or colleges. Generally, they are installed in small buildings where a high-rise commercial model cannot be installed. They are great for renovations and new construction and look and work like normal elevators. This LULA accessibility system requires less space for installation when compared to other commercial models. Lower pit depth makes it the ideal choice for buildings with two or three floors. With minimal overhead clearance, it is suitable for settings with space constraints.

Impressive Features

LULA elevators are equipped with advanced features like automatic steel control panel, speed governor, interlock system, sliding doors, emergency alarm, cab lighting with stop buttons, floor specific battery lowering, negative pressure valve, emergency battery back-up for lowering and interior lighting, emergency manual lowering, safety brakes and more.

Other impressive features may include:

• Submersed pump and motor for quiet operation
• Stainless steel trim and control panel
• Overspeed governor
• Modular rail construction for easy installation
• Manual and automatic entrances
• Hydraulic drive system for a smooth and safe ride
• Digital display in car operating panel
• Automatic operation
• Auto accordion car door
• Attractive call station, control panel and digital floor indicators

Top Models

Top LULA elevator models currently in the market include:

Orion – Equipped with all features of high rise mobility equipment, Orion from Savaria is an ideal choice for buildings like churches, schools or residential building with just 2-3 floors. It comes with a 1400 lbs capacity and travels at a speed of 30 ft/min (0.15 m/s).

Serenus – Generally used in commercial facilities, Serenus from Federal Elevator is a good option for those who find it difficult to navigate stairways in small multistoried commercial buildings. It features a hydraulic pump unit that ensures smooth and quiet operation.

Journey – Journey from Cambridge Elevating features a state-of-the-art drive systems and controls, 1,400 lb weight capacity and a rated speed of 30 feet/minute.

Choose a Reliable Supplier

Locating a reliable and reputable dealer is important before purchasing commercial elevators. Reliable dealers provide customized installation by trained and experienced professionals. Moreover, they will ensure that the system is well maintained with timely and efficient inspection, repair and maintenance solutions.

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Why Choose LULA Elevators?, Seekyt
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