News Why Choosing Oracle DBA Job Is Not Easy?

Why Choosing Oracle DBA Job Is Not Easy?


Why Choosing Oracle DBA Job Is Not Easy?

Technology is moving at a rapid speed in the contemporary age and almost all the companies are looking for technical professionals for various departments. Various engineers or people with similar qualifications are recruited by organizations globally. One of the job profiles that are enjoying a growing popularity is that of the Oracle DBAs. As a DBA one must be prepared to deal with some of the most complicated databases. These technical guys contribute immensely in taking an organization forward. It must be noticed here that at the heart of every organization there is a server that includes necessary data that is required by the business to run successfully. No business can function without the data. It is significant to take note that the data do not get mixed up. Hence, these servers are complex data warehouses.

The servers have the Oracle database that is further connected to other servers. Various employees are simultaneously working to operate a single database mainframe by using an interface that is easy to deal with. The Oracle databases, in particular, are known for their reliability. This is a brief about the DBAs and Oracle but what we shall be concentrating on is why an Oracle DBA job is not easy to crack? Why is it looked upon as one of the most difficult jobs? One reason why this job is difficult is because a DBA can be required in an organization 24X7, even on holidays. As a result the responsibilities lying with a DBA are immense and they have to be executed properly. As far as cracking the job is concerned, it is all about practice and keeping oneself updated about the latest technological; developments.

Firstly, before appearing for an interview, get prepared for a few basic questions that may be asked to you. There are certain questions that are quite similar to those that are asked in various other interviews. These are addressed as common questions. They may be related to your background, interests, etc. Hence, while preparing for a DBA interview you can adapt some of the techniques that are also applied for other interviews. The difficult part is to deal with the technical ones. Although you are trained in Oracle database but the need is to be aware of the latest developments in your industry. There are several firms who offer advanced solutions, like, Advanced EPM Consulting. For such organizations, it is important that the candidates they hire must be able to provide effective solutions by using the latest trends and technologies. Thus, you must focus on the subject intently before you appear for the interview.

Secondly, the kind of interview you face will also depend on your experience. It is a known fact that experienced candidates will be grilled differently than the fresher. As a fresher one is expected to face questions related to the subjects they have studied at the graduation level. If selected these people are recruited at basic levels. But what is difficult is to crack the interviews meant for higher positions. These jobs are high paid ones and they demand a certain level of expertise and efficiency, along with experience. During the interview, these people are expected to share their previous work experience. They might be provided with hypothetical situations and asked to suggest solutions immediately.

Thirdly, it is equally important to check out the eligibility criteria. Most of the organizations are looking for engineering graduates from well known organizations. The candidate is also expected to have adequate experience in various kinds of architectural work.

Finally, the most difficult task is to keep up to the expectations and perform with élan consistently. Hence, opting for an Oracle DBA job is often considered a difficult task.

Why Choosing Oracle DBA Job Is Not Easy?
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