News Why Chose Boarding In Place Of Day School

Why Chose Boarding In Place Of Day School


Day schools vs Boarding schools, this could be really very confusing. It is a topic that most of the parents discuss before deciding the school for their kids. Day schools are proffered mostly by those parents who want to live with their children as well as the cost of these schools is comparatively low. On the other hand boarding schools are preferred by some as they appear to show better progress as well as students are assumed to be more disciplined. Boarding schools have many benefits:

Advantages of Boarding School

1. All students get equal attention and the same benefits as well as follow the same lifestyle. Boarding schools provide maximum attention to the overall development of a student, which starts with inculcating discipline to follow every day rules and routine.

2. Another benefit is that provided the smaller number of students as well as full time interaction with the teachers, the educators develop a very close bonding with students since they are involved with the student’s development in all aspects of academic, emotional, physical or sport as well as can monitor the progress far better as compared to any teacher in a day school.

3. One of the best parts of living in a best boarding schools of india is that every student is taught to be independent and to be careful about his own needs. Students are exposed to all aspects of leadership /management through their time at school with the overall development is extra balanced.

4. Students are kept sufficiently occupied through a well-balanced routine on a daily basis in academics, sports or other co-curricular activities. Students start to love the lifestyle and many of them are unwilling to return home during holidays. In reality, once holidays start in on, they can’t wait to get back which leaves lots of parents a bit disappointed but smiling.

5. Going to boarding school produces self-reliance, getting your kid in the habit of the idea of being away from home, which makes it easier for him or her to make the change from school to life at university.

Some of the popular Boarding schools of India are:

• Rishi Valley School, Chittoor
• Ecole Globale
• The Asian School
• Mayo College, Ajmer
• Welham Girls School, Dehradun, Uttaranchal
• Bishop Cotton School, Shimla
• St. Paul’s School, Darjeeling, West Bengal

Generally, day school places many more demands on your time, but it may not be the best choice if you have a very busy career that makes it complicated for you to give the required time for taking your kids to places, cooking meals and supervising homework. If the school is far from your place, then you have to drive your kids to school as well as pick them up them every day. Besides, day schools tend to expect more parental participation in things such as Parent Teacher Associations and weekly parents’ meeting.

Why Chose Boarding In Place Of Day School
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