why chrstmas means so much to me today…

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well Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for me today. I have everything I have ever wanted… for a long time a very long time my dad had no respect for me.. it was my fault for that.. today I have his respect, it feels so awesome… I think of that as one of my big gifts this year.. I finally showed my mom and dad that I can be respected and I know they love me. Christmas is awesome because yeah I might be broke this year but I have a new apartment that I love with a big front window and the porch ive always wanted. I even was able to put Christmas lights outside. that’s the one thing ive wanted to be able to do and never could. I have my family back, I have an awesome boyfriend who I love so much. everyday that im hear with him is a gift in its self. I have two cats that I call my kids.. so I feel this is the best Christmas ive ever had in my life. well Christmas was really good as a child. even though my dad didn’t have a job for awhile my sister and me always got a lot of gifts that my dad said were from santa. I knew really were they came from… I haven’t been able to spend the last few Christmases with my parents and little sister but this year they are coming over to my house.. oh im so happy, and they get along so good now with my boyfriend. life is so good today. I feel like everyday now is Christmas cause everyday im happy with my life and everyone in it… so this year I hope everyone has a great Christmas, that is the day to forget all the troubles you might have. its a day for family and giving… so merry chrismas to one and all….. my mom actually felt so bad that I wasn’t going to have a Christmas tree that she brought my boyfriend and me an artificial tree she had that she wasn’t using. also she gave me wooden ordiments that were my grandmas when she was alive. I feel like every time I look at my tree I see my mom and my grandmother cause my mom being a mom made having a Christmas tree possible. giving me those ordiments was so awesome I want to use them every year I can. I miss my grandma, I was never able to meet her. but I know she watches over me everyday. knowing that makes me feel so much better. right around now I lost my grandpa who was my grandma who past husband. im glade there up in heavan together ut I love and miss them. but looking at my new wooden ordiments makes me think of them. and its a good feeling…..

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why chrstmas means so much to me today…, Seekyt
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