Why Clearline Ortho Is What You Were Waiting For

I have a friend who is a survivor of metal braces and he tells me stories about them that make me hate the treatment more and more as he tells me how he used to be called names like brace face and tinsel teeth. This was especially disturbing as I needed the treatment as well for my crooked teeth and I wasn’t looking forward at all that which came with getting the metal braces. That’s when I heard about clearliners offered by clearline ortho and when my dentist described what they were and how they worked it sounded like I had found the perfect treatment for my case.

The first thing that my dentist did was that he took OPGs, CEPH and X rays of my teeth and sent them over to clearline ortho where a team of professionals after going through all that came up with a proposal which included how my teeth were expected to look after the treatment and looking the results I didn’t see a reason not to go through so I accepted it and after about 10 days clearline ortho had sent my first set of clearliners to my dentist who told me that I will be receiving a new set of clearliners courtesy of clearline ortho after a time period of about 2 weeks throughout the course of the treatment which would last 8 months in my case as my case was a severe one and I had to wear a set of retainers for a further 2 months after that to get the best results.

The braces were different from your traditional braces as they were made out of clear plastic so when I wore them they were practically invisible so they didn’t have the problem of attracting unwanted attention which was one of the major problems I didn’t want to go with the metal braces. The braces were smooth as well so I didn’t have the trouble with ulcers and sores around my gums that I heard come with the braces. Another great thing about them was that they were easy to remove so I could simply take them out before a meal or before I was going to floss or brush which made it a lot easier to go through my oral hygiene routine and they didn’t even feel awkward when I wore them, they just felt natural and when that was added to the fact that no one could even tell I was wearing them so no one was staring, I would sometimes forget myself that I had them on, the treatment was over before I even knew it and t he results were even better than I was wishing for and now I smile more than I ever did before and I want everyone with teeth alignment problems to know that you no longer have to choose between straight teeth and self esteem as you can have them both with clearliners thanks to clearline ortho.