Why Cotton is the most widely used Fabric in the Fabric World

For many textile products, the cotton is the major source of material, not only from few years but its history is traced from so many decades, in fact we can say the world fabric runs only with cotton, without cotton today we cannot imagine the fabric and textile companies world. In other way, the cotton is also useful for us for various reasons, starting from medical usages to cover our body, home furnishings, decorative items, bed covers, all type of cloths and many more.
The biggest advantage of the cotton for the textile industry and fabric industry is its nature of accommodating to all kind of needs and dressings. Starting from the cloths which are for kids, to younger generations and to the senior citizens, for each of them and various kinds of dressings can be stitched and prepared with the help of cotton and its related fabrics. The technical properties of the cotton also very helpful in using them in the dying process and to impart various types of natural and artificial colors to it.
The weavers and sewers would love to work with the cotton because of its various set of uses, ease to use and comfort, earlier though cotton is considered to the luxury good, but now today whether that is a normal cloth or the luxury fabric, all of them today contain the cotton in it. Because of its wide usage and availability today cotton is the mostly used commodity in the fabric and textile industry.
The cotton is grown majorly in the tropical and a sub tropical region, where there is enough sunlight is available and the soil is fertile with required nutrients for this cotton shrub. Today after the industrial revolution the cotton has turned into many forms and varieties with the help of either by natural looms or by the power looms.
Important features and attractions of cotton:
• The fabrics which are the outcomes from the cotton are set to use in all kind of weathers, seasons and in any geographical regions
• The cotton is easy to handle, easy to sew and easy to customize as per the choice of the fabric lovers and manufacturers
• The cotton is most strong and durable item among all kind of fabrics
• The cotton is cheap fabric and many fabric suppliers prefer to use this at its first hand than any other natural or artificial fabric which are available to them in their own locations and areas
• The cotton fabric is light in use, soft on skin, soft for hand, easy to stitch, easy to wear and cheap fabric to purchase too
• The cotton has the ability to take the dyes easily, and good color retention, which makes the manufacturer to use it as per his or her choice to produce and to sell as per the market trends and choice of the users, its friendly to use and manufacturers and wholesale fabric suppliers love this quality of cotton
• The versatile nature of the cotton, outrages all other fabrics in the textile world of competition, either in single or when it is blended with other mix of fabrics
• The durability of the cotton, the flexibility of the cotton, the appeal, usage, value and natural comfort are the most attractive reasons for many to use the cotton as their fabric across the world
• It is said that the cotton takes or absorbs nearly twenty seven times of its own weight in water, and the cotton has little resiliency and prone to wrinkling