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Why Custom Panel Blinds Are A Good Choice For Sliding Doors

Many people find sliding doors incredibly difficult to choose window furnishings for. After all, the door slides side to side instead of moving up and down like conventional windows and doors – most furnishings just get in the way. If this describes a dilemma that you are currently facing, we recommend custom panel blinds as the solution. You will actually receive a number of benefits from making this decision, some of which we have outlined here:

  • Ease of Use
    The main advantage of these blinds is that they are incredibly easy to use – to open or close them, you simply use the control wand, cord or remote control (if they’re motorised). As they are opened in the same direction as the door, you can rest assured that the panel will be completely out of the way whenever you want to go outside. Other furnishings are much harder to open and close, or they pose a hazard when trying to exit.

  • Safe Choice
    The fact that the blinds open in the same direction as the door means that they are much safer than other options. You don’t risk walking into the bottom of the furnishing or having it fall down on top of your head as you walk through the doorway. The tracks are also quite low to the ground, so you can rest assured that you won’t accidentally trip over them. This is particularly useful for kids, who tend to drag their feet.

  • Remain Clean
    One of the best things about custom panel blinds is that they will remain clean for an exceptionally long time. This is because they don’t brush against the door or window and because they’re completely out of the way whenever the door is open. Instead, they’re set in tracks that keep the surface taut. Basically, they don’t collect dirt from outside or other surfaces, so they’re able to remain cleaner for longer.

  • Attractive
    There can be no denying that these blinds look fantastic – there is something very sleek and contemporary about their appearance, ensuring that they will dress up any home. Even though they’re quite modern to look at, they will still work in homes of varying styles because they’re available in a variety of fabrics and colours. The panels could even be patterned if you’re after something a little different.

  • Combination
    These days, many people like to combine their blinds with other window furnishings (either for appearance or to perform a specific function, such as blocking out the light). The panels can be used in conjunction with other furnishings (notably roman blinds and curtains) with ease. If you would prefer to use them on their own, however, you’ll also find that they provide quite an aesthetically pleasing look.

We hope that custom panel blinds offer a functional window furnishing solution for your home’s sliding doors and that the advantages we have outlined above have convinced you of this. Unlike other furnishings, these blinds won’t get in the way of your operation of the day – this is the most outstanding of all the other benefits and one that certainly must be considered. Ensure that you speak with a professional to ensure you make the right selection.

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