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Why customer service has become an important facet in different sectors?

Today, customer service has become one of the most significant aspects of organizational performance. Customers make their decision to buy a particular product or service or simply to remain with a business based on the quality of the customer service given by your company. The four reasons that tell good customer service is not just important, in fact, it is vital for your business include:

  • Customers remember whether your customer service was really great or really terrible
  • Everything pertaining to your business is reflected upon by the customer service provided by you.
  • Good customer service tells customers that you genuinely care about them
  • Customer service an be used as a marketing angle through more positive word of mouth by customers

No matter what the size of your business and in which sector you’re operating, excellent customer service should be at the forefront of your business model. Good customer service is the tool to grow your business. These days, any service industry, be it public or private, e-commerce, telecom, broadcasting, healthcare, etc. have a customer service centre, so that clients can call at any time to resolve their issues. Let’s see how dedicated teams for customer service at the call centres of these companies are helping to generate a pool of business advocates and satisfied customers:

The monumental impact of “Age of the Customer” on e-commerce is hard to deny. The only way to turn smart, web-savvy customers into your loyal customers is to provide them impeccable service before, during and after their purchase from your online website. Be it E-mail, web-chat or call centre, E-commerce giants such as Amazon are leveraging multi-channel customer support systems to convert visitors into paying customers.

Telecom sector
There are a number of mobile operators worldwide, but customers only use services of the telecom provider which knows how to provide instant gratification. For instance, Vodafone, the largest mobile phone network company in the world, has been able to stand out from competitors because Vodafone’s customer services department is dedicated to make a concerted effort to cater for customer demands and offer the highest level of service, 24 hours a day.

Public sector
Though lately, but now public sector has begun to realize the importance of providing good customer service. Public sector contact centres have finally started benchmarking themselves against their previous performance and their peers in the private sector. Recently, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) of the UK has not only digitalised the driving licence but also started to offer customer service through DVLA contact centres in order to provide assistance to all UK residents regarding vehicle tax, registration, driving licence and others.

Broadcasting companies
Customers contact customer service advisors regarding a service or product information, billing, payment and cancellation issues. With increase in competition in broadcasting and telecommunication sector, more and more customers are looking for better deals from provider. For example, Sky, which provides television and broadband internet services and fixed line telephone services at competitive prices, caters to provide good customer service, even to the unhappy Sky customers. With Sky cancellation number, the cancellation process becomes much easier for Sky customers.

“Customer is always right.” Besides following this strategy, businesses need to treat customers fairly and respectfully in order to keep them coming back for their services. Because in the long run positive word of mouth will bring business to your company.

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