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Why Different Cars Have Unique Tyre Tread Patterns.

Each automobile is different in subtle ways that may not be readily apparent to drivers or bystanders. This subtlety also applies to the tyres on the automobile or lorry. Furthermore, each tyre is rated, from a general purpose tyre to performance and mud and snow. These will have an effect on the tread patterns and on the driving and handling of the auto. In turn, these driving habits and driving characteristics will in turn effect the tire. In a real sense, the tyre and auto are an integrated system that many people only realize when they encounter a flat.

Tyre Types


Tyres come in different ratings, such as mud and snow, performance or general purpose. Each have their own tread pattern and effect on driving. Mud and snow tires have more sipes in order to allow mud and snow to exit the tread and are typically wider, by fashion, that regular, all season or general purpose tyres. These types of tyres are specifically designed to foster traction during mud and snow conditions and use a rubber tailored to the lower temperatures than a tyre designed for the summer. Performance tyres are some what opposite, in that they are designed for the higher road friction temperatures and to maintain the tyres footprint pressure during driving. Concerning the tread, it is directional in order to force the water, in wet conditions, away from the tread footprint. General purpose and all season tires, have a combination of these tread conditions and so have a different tread pattern from the other two.

Tyre Wear

Besides the fact that each manufacturer has their own tread design and each tyre type has their own unique pattern, the pattern of the tyre can be altered over time by wear and tear. As a tyre rotates it has motion running in the direction of the tyre but also has forces that tend to want to create motion along the lateral axis of the tyre as well. Over time, this can cause wear patterns to occur in the tread. If there is a problem with the suspension of the auto, such as the auto needs an alignment, this wear pattern can be excessive causing the tread to deform to the point of creating a different pattern. In addition, to this type of wear and tear, the tyre can also suffer consistently being under or over inflated. This condition can also create different tread and wear patterns to occur. All of these can vary from front to back and from side to side on the auto or lorry. When this condition exists, it is imperative that the auto be taken to the tyre depot for inspection, as excessive tyre wear can represent a serious problem.

Tyres have different tread patterns from different manufacturers and will vary from type to type. They will also vary from auto to auto. Performance cars will typically have performance type tyres and others may have mud and snow or all purpose tyres, all of which will have a variation of tread pattern. What should be concerning, is when the wear causes a different tread pattern to emerge. Even slight wear on a tyre that alters the tread pattern can be hazardous to the auto and driver and should be addressed as soon as possible. Over time wear is normal, and certainly tyres will need to be replaced from time to time, but wear and excessive wear can represent a problem with the auto itself. When this occurs, taking the auto in to a tyre depot such as Glanworth Tyres can save both time and money.

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