Why do more People Shop Online?

Samsung Chromebook

The answer is simple – More and more people are shopping online because many companies are overcharging their customers and do not give customer service. That is the honest truth.

We have managed and owned businesses ourselves and understand the costs involved. Insurances, freight and workers compensation do make it harder. Although I believe that too many companies are more concerned with making enormous profits and are actually losing customers because they charge too much. They need to wake up and give shoppers a better deal, start caring and giving service or they will lose even more customers.

People are fed up with being ripped off. That is why they are searching online to find better options, and you can’t blame the shoppers. Manufacturers and marketers need to look closer at how they can improve their service.

Greed is the real problem

You do the maths. During the year companies sell a product for (as an example) $100.00 then towards sale time they reduce those articles from fifty to eighty percent discount.

The only way they can reduce it by that much is because they added one hundred to two hundred percent profit on their articles in the first place. I realise that some products are more profitable than others but two hundred percent in my books is not right, that is pure greed.

Our experience of rip offs

We had a 6.5 Chevy motor installed in our 2.8 Nissan. The injection pump was playing up so we had a quote for a new pump in Australia. By shopping online we bought a complete re-conditioned one from America for half what it would have cost us here and it was not made in China.

LED Lights

We paid $6.00 for 4 LED bulbs online including free freight. In the shops it would have cost us $27.00 for the same.

Shock Absorbers

We bought 4 shockies for our 4 wheel drive online for $600 landed at our door. We shopped around within a hundred kilometre area and they all wanted $800 or more for them and we had to drive their and pick them up, wasting extra fuel.

We have experienced this time and time again.

Place of manufacture

We always try to buy products that are not made in China, preferring to buy Australian or other than China imports. But having said that, many of the smaller miscellaneous items we have bought from China have lasted much longer than we expected. So do your research.

Pros and Cons of Shopping Online

There are both pros and cons of shopping online. In fact all shopping has problems so be aware of these things.

Pros of shopping online

  • Save on parking and fuel
  • Easy to Shop around and compare prices
  • Delivered to your door
  • Buy free Postage

Cons of shopping online

  • You buy without seeing or trying on the item
  • Risk of fraud
  • Watch for extra postage charges

Before you shop online

  • Before you shop online you need to do your research:
  • ALWAYS shop on secure sights
  • Shop around and compare price, quality and warranty
  • Read the small print
  • Check the warranty.
  • Cheap is not always bad. You could buy two for the price of one.
  • Pay with Pay Pal instead of bank deposits or credit cards
  • Buy from reputable stores

Auction Sites

Many auction sites are a good way to get bargains. Although you still need to watch who you are dealing with. Always check their feedback to make sure it is good.


Think before paying out for extended warranties. It would be easier to buy a new computer or laptop when on special, and then sell the old one. That way you keep up with the new technology too.

Quite often repairs take longer to fix, and you are the one going without while in being repaired.


Shop smart, compare prices and warranties on products. If you are buying small price articles then the warranty is not as important. Although if you buy expensive goods online and you have a problem it may cost more to return it than it is worth. I would buy large products locally.

Shop around and make sure you read all the small print when shopping online, and understand the risks and benefits.