Why Donate To Charity? – You Can Help Others By Helping Yourself

Why donate to charity? It’s a legitimate question. After all, you’ve worked hard to have a nice home, a nice car, good food to eat, decent clothes to wear, and still have enough extra money to go and do some fun things. Now someone wants you to just donate that money to their charity? However, donating to charity can also be a very fulfilling experiencing, can help ease the clutter of your home, and can establish a legacy within your community for yourself, your family, and your business, if you own one. So if you are asking ‘Why donate to charity?’ then here are some answers for you.

Get Organized and Make Space

Why donate to charity? Because all of us have clothes in our closet that we don’t wear, extra shoes by the front door that we’ve only worn once, and tons of stuff stashed on various shelves in the garage that we don’t even remember we own. All of these things take up space – space that we could be using for something more important than just storing our junk. What we consider junk, however, could be something essential for someone else. Plus, when you donate your items, you get to deduct that appropriate cash amount of what you donated on your taxes for that year. That’s pretty great too!

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Why donate to charity? Because invariably kindness comes around full circle. People treat you they way you treat them, so a lifestyle of charitable donations and kindness will give you the same in return. Sure there may not be any monetary value coming back to you, but who cares? It feels good to help people sometimes just because you helped them. People may not put any credence on karma, but frankly, that is their loss. Don’t make it yours.

Establish a Legacy For Yourself, Your Family

Why donate to charity? Because you can create a positive legacy in the community for your family. In fact, if you happen to have excess money lying around, not likely these days I know, but if you do, you can use those excess funds to even start a foundation. Investing through your own foundation allows your dollars to grow as they are invested and reinvested in your community, helping others in their time of need time and time again.

No Money? Donate Time.

Why donate to a charity? Because there are millions of kids around the world in desperate need of positive mentors to show them the right path. All it takes to be a mentor is a few hours a week, a love of helping children, and the ability to show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that there is always hope in the world. Helping today’s kids means you’re also helping tomorrow’s leaders.

If you are pondering the question ‘Why donate to a charity?’ then you also now have your answer: because you can establish a reputation of kindness, establish a legacy for yourself and your family, get your home organize, and shape the face of tomorrow’s society.