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Why Dooble is a Great Privacy Browser?

Internet security experts often raise concerns regarding browsers and the level of security that they offer. While using any kind of browser, the user needs to know the security level that it is going to provide. With numerous online threats, you need to understand all about a privacy browser like Dooble.

Dooble is a browser that is built after considering the security and privacy challenges. It is a great application that is compatible with Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X. It is designed to provide the much-needed security and privacy for which it is worthwhile installing. The best part is that the latest version of the application is enhanced to consume fewer system resources. Let us find out all about it.


If you are a Linux user, then internet browser download is essential. However, you need not do much, but look for it in the repositories of the distributions. But remember that the latest version 1.50 is still not available. For Arch Linux, you get AUR that can be installed with the helper.
Ubuntu users can easily rely upon the unofficial PPA and utilize the following commands to make things work:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:richard-sellam/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install dooble

If you feel that, you need a more secure way of doing things then compile the app from the source. Users can download the code from Sourceforge page.

First Look

The PC browsers work by the protected user profiles. Each user profile is assigned a passphrase to access the bookmarks, preferences, and history. The data is fully encrypted that includes guest profiles without any passphrase assigned. However, remember to set a passphrase for restoring sessions.

It gives you live news on the home page for easy update on current news items. The browser supports offline browsing, tabs, history and optional toolbars. You can create your own homepage and add ten custom links to it that will launch simultaneously. You will be easily able to import or export bookmarks with HTML file format.

Dooble Desktop

The Desktop feature is yet another browser update. You can activate it by clicking the Home button. It launches the file manager from which you can browse the file system. However, you only get the options of renaming, deleting and creating sub-directories.

To view a file double click a file, a dialog box will get launched for selecting an external file application.

Dooble Settings

The settings might seem confusing, but you will appreciate the neatly organized tab options. You can easily modify the appearance of the browser by making changes to the icon theme and other such details. When you go to the Tabs section, you can customize the behavior. You can tweak all the available security aspect as provided by the browser. It includes the HTTPS settings, DND, and Javascript execution. Defining web site exceptions is possible for each of the features mentioned. Users can enable the console notifications.

More Privacy Tweaks

Privacy-per-tab is the best solution that is provided by the browser. It is easy to customize with a right-click and thus you can make relevant adjustments in the preferences. Security features are amazing as it gives a lot of options for customization. Not only this, but the user can also tweak the settings and smoothly work with the browser without any technical knowledge.

The only downside that you might think about is no support for add-ons. The browser provides the space for it, but you still cannot make the relevant changes.


Even though, there are many things, which are well-defined, but it still needs some improvements. For example, the Favorites toolbar should be toggled to remove the predefined links. If you are an average user, then you will appreciate working with the browser. For advanced users, they might find it tad boring or in need of refinement. The security warnings might seem too much for an average user and difficult to work with it.

Using the browser is beneficial to those who want a lightweight version. It comes handy at times when you just want to surf on the go. Another benefit of this browser is that you would be able to test it against the security settings that other browsers have to offer. No matter what, the browser is good to go for now to a majority of people who are not into technicalities.

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