Why Families Choose Cremations

Cremation is something that once considered taboo in America. However, more people are starting to choose this option instead of burial. There are several reasons cremation is growing in popularity. Below are some of the reasons more people are choosing cremation from Smart Cremation.

A standard burial can cost over $7,000. The casket, burial vault, grave marker, cemetery plot and burial service are some of the things that are included in the burial costs. Cremation costs significantly less than a burial. Additionally, many people who choose cremation do not have a traditional funeral. They often choose to honor their deceased loved one by having an informal memorial service, which also helps lower the costs.

Less Stressful

Planning a funeral can be quite stressful. Grieving families already have a lot on their plate and do not want to go through the process of planning an elaborate funeral. The process of planning for a cremation is a lot simpler.

Families will be able to spend less time planning for a funeral and more time grieving and moving on with their lives. In many cases, a cremation can be arranged by making just one phone call. People can also schedule a cremation right after their loved one dies.

Furthermore, because cremations are cheaper than burials, this takes some of the burden off of families. Many families are stressed because they are trying to come up with ways to pay for the cost of their funeral.


There are several things that the loved ones of a deceased person can do with the cremated remains. They may choose to scatter the ashes among each other or place them inside of a cremation urn. They may also want to bury the cremated remains inside of a garden.


Many people opt for cremation because they are concerned about the environment. There are no embalming chemicals used during cremation. Cremation also helps preserve land resources. On the other hand, preserving a cemetery requires the use of land and energy resources.
Cremation is becoming more popular. People are beginning to realize that cremation does have some advantages over burial. Cremation is more environmentally-friendly than burial. It also costs a lot less to cremate someone than it does to bury them. The process of planning for a cremation is easier and a lot less stressful than planning for a burial. Furthermore, flexibility is another benefit that comes along with choosing cremation.