Why Frames Will Make Or Break Your Custom Board

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Anyone can get a custom board and mount it on the wall of their classroom, workplace or home. What will really make or break this fixture, however, is the frame that you have put around it. Whilst you wouldn’t think that this was an important feature of the board – after all, if you can write on it and rub the marker out you’ve done pretty well – many people are starting to realise how valuable a frame can be. If you aren’t one of these people, there’s no need to stress – we’ve outlined some of the reasons for you.

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Make it stand out

One of the main reasons that a frame is invaluable for these boards is that it will cause them to stand out. More often than not, they will have a white surface, which is known to blend into similarly coloured walls. With a bright or interesting frame, however, everyone will be able to instantly spot where they are able to write.

Can be moved around

Another reason why frames are so important for custom boards is that this enables them to be moved around. They are hung on the wall the same way that a picture is, which means that if you ever move house or places of work you can take it with you. It also means that you can rearrange the space with ease.

Will suit any size

Because there are hundreds of different frames available, you can rest assured that there will be one to suit boards of any size. So, whether you have a large one that spans an entire wall of your classroom or you have a small one that is slotted inside your pantry, you will be able to find a frame to meet your needs.

Can be hung at any angle

Another reason why a frame can be quite useful for custom boards is that they can be hung horizontally or vertically without looking odd. This is because there are no distinguishing features on the frame that indicate how it is supposed to be hung. You might want it hung one way this week and a different way the next.

Make it sophisticated

One of the final reasons that a frame is essential for these boards is that they add a sense of class and sophistication to the piece. There is certainly something elegant about a gilded gold frame as opposed to a plain white surface. The addition of a frame is a perfect way to dress up your home, classroom or workplace quickly.

As you can see, the frame can actually be vital to the success of your custom board in its particular location. You would hate to spend all of that time, effort and money choosing the perfect board for your workplace, classroom or home only to have it go completely unnoticed. Fortunately, the presence of a frame can make the whole board stand out and turn it into a beautiful fixture of the space, much like a picture. So, the next time you are making a purchase, don’t forget to consider a frame and how it will work.

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Why Frames Will Make Or Break Your Custom Board, Seekyt
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