Why Google Hates Paying Publishing Sites

The other day I was discussing ‘Content Farms’.  It is a topic I’ve written about on many occasions.

Basically, in 2011 Google clamped down on what it labeled “Content Farms’, giving them ‘minus’ ratings.

Content Farm is the term that Google slaps on online publishing sites.  It claims that the items published on those sites is of low value.  It blocks them from its Search Engine.

Hence, if this site is labeled a Content Farm, if one enters a search term, “Why Google Hates Paying Publishing Sites”  Google will NOT direct traffic to this site.

There’s a reason why Google hates writing sites that pay.

In 2012, right after introduction of it’s Panda, right after it kicked all paying writing sites into the ‘Content Farm’ bin, it introduced Knol.  Knol was an online publishing site.

Let me take it slow here.  Google, after creating a big production of introducing it’s Panda, after it demeaned and dropped online writing sites which paid, so that a Google Search could not find anything published on those sites, it introduced its very own site; Knol.

Knol did not pay.

Knol demanded scholarly papers, but did not pay.  Hence, why would anyone write for Knol if they wouldn’t get paid?

Google, hiding behind it’s fraudulent Do No Evil motto, decided to put every single online writing site that paid out of business so that writers would ‘have no choice’ but to write for Google for Nothing.

Well, it didn’t work.  No one went there.  Those who did ridiculed the site.  Google stopped pushing it, changed the name to Annotum, and pretended it knew nothing about it.

The hatred Google has in its heart (pretending it has a heart) for sites that publish writers and pay them is so great that it does everything in its power to damage any site that dares to pay writers.

It slapped down Demand Media which ran ehow.  eHow was once the go to place.  Anything you wanted to know, you’d go right to eHow.

Now, you will Never be directed to any site run by Demand Media or eHow using a Google.

You can try it yourself.

You’ll always get Wikipedia as your first selection; (there’s an unholy alliance between Wiki and Google).  The next sites are commercial; whether a news paper, amazon, or something where the writer is not paid by clicks or hits.

Even if the words you enter are a quote of a unique name of an item published on a writing site that pays, it will NOT come first.

This is not an accident.

Let me give you a visual aid.

A company wants to hire a new Director.   It announces that it will be done by computer to be ‘fair’.

People apply.

People don’t know that all women start with a -5 rating.  All non-whites start with a -10, all Muslims start with a -25.

The algorithm insures that a white male who is not a Muslim is selected.

When the results come up, there’s a pile of white males, then some white females.   The computer has determined that these white males are the most qualified and the one with highest score wins.

That is what a Google does.

This is why you should use any Search Engine other than Google.