Why HTML5 Is The Future of Web Design

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For all those who have no idea about html, it is a simple scripting language used to design your web pages. HTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is mainly used with CSS and Javascript for creating some dynamic web pages.

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What HTML 5 gives you with the new features makes it very special.

HTML 5 Stack is mainly about three things:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3

Nothing changes as far as the structure of coding is concerned. The structure remains the same as in HTML 4.0.

All you need to do is to just get familiar with the new tags and form elements that can make your coding work more simple. For the information on all the new elements and tags added in the html 5, just go through the below link.

HTML 5 New Elements

New form elements

Try to make use of the new features to your advantage. For example, in HTML 4.0 , if you are required to validate the email entered by user, you had to use java script.

In HTML 5, you have the tag which does the entire work of validations. Similarly tags like and new input fields like date, date time are really useful for having customized features in our web page.

HTML 5 Video Player

Another Amazing thing about HTML 5 is the video player creation that is compatible with most of the browsers if not all.(IE 6,7,8 does not support this feature).

tag does make your job very simple compared to previous html versions. It has the attributes like controls, loop that can enhance your video with the browser.You can very well adjust the size of the player and have your own thumbnail pictures with the attributes to the tag.

Bloggers can experiment and innovate new things

Before HTML 5 came into pictures, bloggers hesitate a lot to embed basic html codes as they had to depend on java script for all kinds of validations. Now HTML 5 has changed the story completely. Start building new things in your blogs such as image sliders, html video embedding, 2d drawing with the help of tags and so on.

HTML 5 along with CSS 3 and Javascript can create magic in your creativity of designing website.

Certainly there are some wonderful books to enhance yourself in web designing and also many free as well as paid online tutorials for the HTML 5 stack. W3schools is one of the best place to get your basics strong.

One of the best books in this subject is HTML5 Pocket Reference by O’Reilly.Its available in many online stores including amazon, flipkart, walmart and so on.

The book : HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett is a great one for beginners in the field of web design.

If you want to go through some online tutorials,I would recommend you to search for some online tutorial websites instead of just searching it in youtube.

You still think whether you need to learn HTML 5, please watch the below video.

Photo credit : The HTML image used is from pixabay.com

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